A Dancer’s Guide for Busy Parents


You’re a parent! Since your baby was born, you drive 75% more often, and your house somehow smells different than it used to. Stains accumulate so quickly you can hardly keep up with them, and paying for college becomes a huge issue for the second time in your life. Being a parent is a bit like winning the lottery. On the surface it seems like sunshine and rainbows forever. In reality it’s also incredibly stressful.

Don’t panic!

We’ve got a cure-all for the stress of being a parent. It’s called “dating,” and together with your spouse you can perform this very easy ritual once or even twice a week to zap away the stress, all while improving your health and learning something new! Here’s our simple Dancer’s Guide for Busy Parents:

Step 1: Sit down with your spouse and have the “we need a life” chat.

Try to stay positive. Use phrases like “we can be cool again!” and “I find it very attractive when you try new things.” Really, you can say anything so long as the end result is getting your partner on board with embarking on a new hobby for your date night. Why not?

Step 2: Tell them you always wanted to try ballroom dancing.

Ladies, most men can be convinced if you draw a correlation between ballroom dancing and more fun in the bedroom. As a rule, most men can be convinced of anything if you draw a correlation between it and more fun in the bedroom.

And dancing definitely does deliver in that regard.

More than that, ballroom dancing is such an important way to bond in a grown up manner. When your life becomes all about the kids, you yearn for dignified, classy moments to share with one another. It doesn’t get much classier than ballroom dancing.

Step 3: Sign up online or call your nearest Arthur Murray Dance Studio

The first lesson is free. No one can argue with that! Do it, and let the relief of having made that first big step wash over you. You’re going to dance with your spouse and have fun. Just the two of you. Think about it. Smile.

That’s all it takes!

Ballroom dancing is quickly becoming one of the most popular pastimes in New Jersey. It’s classy, sexy and useful! As a parent, you have to budget your time wisely. You can’t try everything. So go with the hobby that’s sure to be a success from the outset. Go with dancing for your date night this week!







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