Ballroom Dance Lessons: Then and Now

Ballroom dance lessons aren’t what they used to be. 

Ballroom dance has come a long way since Arthur Murray first taught dance lessons in 1912. Like everything in life, ballroom dance lessons have shifted and evolved through the years. And while many of the fundamentals have stayed the same, there are some key differences between ballroom dancing today and ballroom dancing from the past.

Let’s see how ballroom dancing has changed from then and now!

Ballroom dance lessons then and now Then — Only for the Elite 

In the past, ballroom dancing was only for the upper class. The lower classes engaged in folk dancing. 

Now — Accessible to All

Today, anyone can enjoy ballroom dancing. Taking a free trial lesson at Arthur Murray Dance Now is open for everyone! There aren’t the class lines with dance like there used to be and even new students can come to love ballroom dance!
Ballroom dance lessons then now

Then — Only for Fancy Occasions

Back in the day, wealthy people would have presentation balls where they could socialize and use their ballroom dance skills.

Now — So Many Settings to Dance

Today, ballroom dancing is used at weddings, high school reunions, daddy/daughter dances, nightclubs, country clubs, and even dive bars. Even beginner dancers will have plenty of places to use their new skills.

Then — Partners Didn’t Get Too Close

Long ago it was considered improper to touch your dance partner in public. Partners wore gloves and stood far from each other.

Now — Close Contact

When the Waltz became popular in the 19th century, it changed things. The dance required partners to be close. Today, partners enjoy staying in close contact as a fun way to connect through dance.
Ballroom dance lessons Then Now 2

Then — Ballroom Dancing Became Outdated

When the 1960s rolled around, everyone came into individualism and partner dancing became outdated. Dances like the Twist and Robot rose in popularity, leaving ballroom dancing in the background.

Now — It’s Back Again!

Today, competition dance shows like Dancing with the Stars are making ballroom dancing increasingly popular. The whole world now sees how fun and exciting ballroom dancing can be!
Ballroom dance lessons Then Now 1

Then — Only for the Older Crowd

Because ballroom dancing was reserved for the upper classes, it was usually older generations who tended to participate. 

Now — All Ages

All skill levels and ages can try ballroom dancing. Even young kids interested in dance can learn!

And still, some things have stayed the same.

Then and Now — Ballroom Dancing is Social

Ballroom dancing has always been a dance that lends itself well to socializing with others. This is true since ballroom dance originated. Today, ballroom dance is still a great way to meet new people and build friendships.

Today, ballroom dance lessons are meant to welcome all skill levels and ages and are much less intimidating than they were in the past. 

All levels can try ballroom dancing to see if it’s something they enjoy! Ballroom dancing isn’t just for fancy parties or social occasions. Today, it’s considered a passion, a way to get fit, a way to relieve stress, and so much more!






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