Cheaper Than Therapy: Can Ballroom Dancing Save Your Marriage?

Editor’s note: This blog was originally posted in October 2014 and has been updated and revamped for accuracy.

“Marriage Insurance” is what we call dance lessons at our studios. It’s good for a laugh, but is it true? One divorce lawyer thinks so.

ballroom dancing marriage help

Marriages turn sour for all sorts of reasons, and if you flick through some of our other blog posts you’ll find ample reasons to try dancing to fix all sorts of life issues. What is most important for married couples, however, is teamwork. In this, Lloyd Platt of Great Britain agrees.

Pratt is a divorce lawyer whose own messy divorce story became popularized in a documentary called London Waltz. In it, she sought the help of a popular dance instructor to work through her emotional issues after she and her husband split. 

By the end, she realized that if she and her ex had danced together before things had turned for the worst, their marriage could have been saved.

It’s not too late for you to learn from her lesson

ballroom dancing marriageIf your home life is passionless and unhappy, the best cure is to come and try dancing. As Pratt herself says, it’s cheaper to dance with us than it is to hire her. In dance lessons you’ll find yourself working hand in hand with your partner under the close supervision of instructors who know what it’s like to help couples in trouble. Go to your nearest Arthur Murray and explain your situation. In a country with a near 50% divorce rate, trying to salvage your marriage is nothing to be ashamed of. Our employees train just for this sort of thing, because we understand that dancing is way more than just learning where to put your feet.

Your marriage is your responsibility, and it falls on your shoulders to do everything in your power to save it when it seems doomed. Every couple fell in love once, and that spark of love never truly dies. For some, it only needs an outside source to help light it again. Let that source be ballroom dancing and see where it can take you.




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