Ballroom Dancing: Which style is best for me?

Ballroom dancing types 2Ballroom dancing is a broad term often used to describe several different types of dance styles. However, even if you have never taken ballroom dance lessons, you most likely have at least heard the names of these specific dance styles before. Most of these styles originated in Latin dance but all have become mainstream dance styles that we teach our students. Let’s break them down into dance styles that are best for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. 

Best Dance Styles for Beginners

  • Waltz.  A romantic style ideal for couples and weddings with slow soft movements
  • Foxtrot.  A slow-slow-quick-quick rhythm that is easy to master
  • Lindy Hop.  A swing dance style variation that is fun and playful with simple steps
  • Bachata.  With simple footwork and solid knee use, this sensual dance is a good beginner Latin dance
  • Pasa Doble.  A Latin dance with just two simple steps to learn, olé!
  • Cha-Cha.  This Latin dance style includes lots of hip movement and simple rhythmic steps

Ballroom dancing types

Best Dance Styles for Intermediate

  • Rumba.  A romantic style with slow hip rolls similar to Disco and night club dancing 
  • Merengue.  A fun, playful, and rapid step dance with close body contact and a marching-like cadence
  • Bolero.  Although similar to the Rumba, this style has slow soft rises and falls using the whole body.
  • Tango.  With punctuated movements and dramatic flare, this is an exciting style that will help both male and female dancers improve their technique. 
  • Samba.  A bouncy and structured walking step style that is made more effortless the more advanced the dancer becomes.
  • Salsa.  This style has evolved over time and combines many intimate partnering skills perfect for passionate couples.

Ballroom dancing types 1

Best Dance Styles for Advanced

  • Hustle.  This syncopated style consists of many turns, spins, pivots, and wraps along with arm movement 
  • Argentine Tango.  A romantic style that involves signature kicks and flicks of the foot along with close embrace between dancers
  • Mambo.  Another dance style that includes kicks and flicks with pronounced hip movement and dramatically less contact between dance partners

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced dancer, here at Arthur Murray, we will teach you all of these dance styles during your regular dance lessons; including both American Ballroom dances and International Ballroom dance, giving you the opportunity to elevate your dance technique and master each dance style. Now the question is, which one will be your favorite?







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