Best Ballroom Dancers of All Time

A good ballroom dancer can captivate a crowd with their showmanship, technique, elegance across the dance floor and ability to remove us from our current situations and transport us into the dance.

Best dancers - ballroom

Ballroom dance, which includes dance styles like the waltz, Foxtrot, two step, and tango—among others—is a couples social dance that follows specific steps. It originated in Europe and, much like music,  has evolved over time thanks to various individuals. What started as a cultural way for young men and women to meet one another is now practiced throughout the world and performed both socially and professionally in many different contexts and occasions.

best dancers - ballroom 2We shared some of our favorite recent ballroom dances from “Dancing with the Stars” and now we want to share some of the greatest ballroom dancers. These dancers move with elegance and style, have won championships and awards, and have taught others how to learn and love the art of dance.

Donnie Burns

Donnie Burns is a Scottish professional ballroom dancer and currently the President of the World Dance Council. He and partner Gaynor Fairweather are 14-time World Professional Latin Champions and 11-time International Latin American Dance Champions. Burns has been called the Michael Jordan of dancing, which is why he certainly deserves a spot on our list!

Arunas Bizokas

Bizokas started dancing at the early age of 7 and has mastered his talent over time. He and partner Katusha Demidova are the current ballroom dance champions and have been undefeated since they started dancing together in 2009.  

Trish Sie

Trish Sie is an American dancer, choreographer and director. This triple threat professional ballroom dancer has worked in film, television, stage, music videos and children’s entertainment and even won a Grammy for her work on a music video.

Edyta Śliwińska

best dancers - ballroom 1Edyta is best known as the only female to star in the first ten seasons of Dancing with the Stars. She is from Poland and is currently starring in the stage show “Dance Temptation.” Sliwinska choreographs all of her performances and helps her celebrity partners learn the moves. She has also produced an instructional dance DVD, “Dancing Like the Pros” with her husband and dance partner, Alec Mazzo.

Mirko Gozzoli & Edita Daniute

Gozzoli and Daiute started dancing together in 2009 and have been finalists in every major world competition since 2010. The pair dance dynamically together, mesmerizing audiences with their charisma and technique.

Marcus and Karen Hilton

This real life couple are nine-time winners of the World Professional Ballroom Championship (they hold the record) and have been awarded the MBE (Members of the Order of the British Empire) in the 1997 Queen’s Birthday Honors List for their services to competitive ballroom dancing. Their technique and charm on the dance floor make them a favorite in the dance world.

Bob and Julia Powers

Bob Powers and his wife Julia (formerly known as Julia Gorchakova) are dancing legends and very dear to Arthur Murray Dance Studios. Bob perfected his dancing by teaching at Arthur Murray in Arizona and is now the owner of the Mesa franchise of Arthur Murray Dance Centers. The duo hold the record for winning the most United States Championships by an American couple, which includes championships for US Rhythm Champions (12 times) and World Mambo Champions (3 times). Powers is proof that dancing with Arthur Murray really can change your life!






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