How to Find a Ballroom Dance Partner

Ballroom dancing is a blast, but your experience can greatly differ depending on your dance partner. How do you find the ballroom dance partner that complements your skills and style perfectly? Well, we’re going to help you find your match made in dance heaven.

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What to look for in a good dance partner

When you’re searching for the other half of your dynamic duo, it’s smart to first outline the qualities that matter most. Here are some of the most important qualities to look for in a dance partner.

  • ballroom dance partnerRespect
  • Dedication
  • Communication
  • Comparable skill set
  • Good hygiene
  • Trust
  • Non-critical
  • Fun

Without these key attributes, a dance partnership can fall apart. Just as important as it is to respect one another and help each other improve, something as simple as deodorant can definitely be a deal-breaker—nobody likes to be up-close and personal with a sweaty, smelly person!

Where to find your perfect match

Are you ready to find your mate? No need to travel the world—the perfect dance partner could be right under your nose. In our experience, below are the best places to find your ideal ballroom dance partner.

  • ballroom dance partner 1At your dance studio. This is arguably the best place to find your dance partner because you know that person is already committed to the dance you’re learning. You can even ask your dance instructor to help pair you with someone they think you’d work well with. Another plus to finding a dance partner at the studio is that you’re able to “test-drive” potential partners in this group setting. Try attending one of AMNJ’s studio events to meet new people that aren’t in your class.
  • Out dancing! If you’re known to cut a rug at dance clubs around New Jersey, why not keep your eyes peeled for a potential dance partner? This fun environment is a great way to get to know someone and their dance skills; you never know when you’ll find your perfect competition match!
  • Dance partner matching websites. It seems everything has gone digital these days, and if you’re more privy to trusting a website to match you with your ideal ballroom dance partner, try one of the matching websites out there such as It’s like Match, but for dancing!

How to know if you’ve found a great dance partner

ballroom dance partner 3If you think you’ve found a winner, remember to go over the initial qualities you were seeking in a dance partner and see if they check out. The right dance partner will not make you feel inferior or unskilled—instead, he or she should make you feel more confident in your abilities and help you grow as a dancer.

How to manage your partner relationship with your real relationship

You may be one of those couples where your dance partner is also your partner in life. If that’s the case, you can ignore the rest of this article. However, if that’s not the case, we’re here to help you balance your two relationships so they can coexist with no issues.

Remember that your partner is just your dancing partner. At first, you may experience some weirdness, awkwardness, or uncomfortable feelings from your partner in life. Who could blame them? You’re spending lots of time with your dance partner; your dance partner is supposed to know what you’re thinking without you actually saying it; and you’re dancing quite literally cheek-to-cheek! Any loyal life partner might be a little concerned about someone else getting to close to you. So, how can you help alleviate some of that tension and reassure your life partner?

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A few things to practice if you realize your life partner is jealous of your dance partner:

  • Open communication. Communicating openly is a cornerstone to any successful relationship, and that rule doesn’t end in the dance studio. Keep your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend informed of your dance practice schedule so they know there is no funny business going on. Talk openly about your feelings and ask how they feel. Try to refrain from having any secrets (even if they seem small), because this can tarnish trust and brew even more uncertainty.
  • Empathy. Understand that your life partner’s feelings are valid. Don’t dismiss their jealousy or call them crazy for feeling uncomfortable—this will just make it seem like you’re hiding something. Be empathetic and put yourself in their shoes—you’ll see it makes you a little uneasy at first too.
  • Reassurance. It’s important to make it a point to reassure your partner both verbally and with physical touch that they have nothing to worry about. Especially if he/she consistently makes jealous comments or seems nervous when you go to dance practice, remind him or her why you choose to be with him/her. Sometimes, people just need to be reassured.

Finding a ballroom dance partner should hopefully be a lot easier with these tips! Don’t forget to sign up for your free dance lesson if you still need to take that first step!







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