Why You Should Learn How to Waltz

When you’re first starting out in the world of dance, you might wonder which dances you should start learning first. Swing dancing always turns heads in a crowd and the Bachata is too hot to handle. While some dances can be bigger showstoppers than others, we think a great place to start dancing is to learn how to waltz.

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Here are seven reasons why the Waltz is the best ballroom dance for beginner dancers.

1. It’s timeless

Unlike dance trends that come and go, the Waltz will be around forever. It originated in the 1600s and hasn’t slowed down since. Its elegant and sophisticated style make it a perfect dance for multiple social settings. Having this timeless dance in your back pocket will come in handy in many different situations.

2. It’s one of the easiest ballroom dances to learn

It can be intimidating to see all the different dance styles there are to learn. But once you learn one, it becomes easier to learn others as well. As you hone your dancing skills, your confidence will increase, catapulting you into learning more dances. The Waltz is a great place to start because it’s easy to master and execute, making you a star dancer in no time!

3. It Will Prepare you for other dance styles

How to waltzAs you learn how to Waltz, you’ll learn proper posture and balance in dance. Not all dances will require the same posture and balance, but as you train your body for one style of dancing, you’ll learn how to train it for other styles as well.

4. You’ll use your skills

There will be plenty of opportunities to show off your Waltz dancing skills in real-life situations. The Waltz is still a classic dance that is danced at weddings and other social functions. You’ll get the chance to practice your Waltz in public without having to hit a stage.

5. You’ll Connect with your partner

Are you and your partner looking for new ways to put the spark back in your relationship? Dance lessons are a great way to rekindle the flame and learning the Waltz is a simple dance that will give you all those romantic feelings again.

6. You’ll Impress a new date

Courting someone special? Wow them with your dance skills! A partner who is confident and can dance? Now that’s attractive! Having those dancing skills up your sleeve will be a great ice breaker or even a fun date night idea.

The Waltz is a great first ballroom dance to learn and a perfect backbone dance before learning other dance styles. All ages can benefit from learning this easy but sophisticated dance.







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