Different Date Night Ideas for Couples in Ridgewood, NJ

date_night_ideas_ridgewoodI don’t know about you, but for me, dinner and a movie doesn’t cut it anymore. Whether you’ve been together for 12 days or 12 years, date night is a time to reconnect and do something productive for your relationship, not to just stare blankly at a glorified TV screen.

Dancing as a Date Night

Here’s where dancing comes in…Dancing as a date night is such a fun activity to do with your significant other on a regular basis. It’s active, it’s social, it’s educational and it’s staring into each other’s eyes, not a movie screen. You hold hands, stay close, move to music and laugh together! That’s right, laugh together. Remember those days?

Living in Ridgewood, NJ for the past 6 years, I’ve been able to explore a lot of options for things to do locally without having to trek into the city. Here are some date night ideas that involve dancing:

1) Get in the Mood with Dinner and Dancing

With 60 different restaurants in Ridgewood, NJ and a fabulous walkable downtown area, your options are limitless! Schedule your dance lesson around 6pm. You’ll spin, dip and chasse your calories away and you’ll be in a great mood just in time for dinner together. With flushed cheeks you’ll leave the dance studio and walk to one of the great restaurants in Ridgewood. And guess what, now you’ll have something to talk about besides work, kids, and problems. Imagine that!

2) Create Together with Painting and Dancing

There are some great places in Ridgewood where you can create art together! Whether it’s a ceramic vase, mug, or canvas, creating something together while talking about your day, can be really relaxing. Or just enjoying each other’s company and making fun of the other’s painting skills, can be a great warm up for the evening. Then, walk over to Arthur Murray Dance Studio and complete your date night with your dance lesson and dance party to get the blood moving. Feel each other, move together, and keep creating. Now this is how you spend quality time.

3) Shop and Dip with Shopping and Dancing

From Tobacco shops, to sports shops, to jewelry and clothing, Ridgewood, NJ has everything! Park the car and get going! Go pick out a new suit for him. Buy her a new dress to go dancing in, or maybe a piece of jewelry to remember the night. And then, walk down to Arthur Murray’s and dance the night away in your new digs.

I hope I gave you some engine starters for creating new and different date nights. Pairing dancing with any other activity makes your time together that much more meaningful as it gives you an active, social, and engaging thing to do together. Don’t just spend time, create memories.






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