Till Death Do Us Part: Why Dancing Shouldn’t End After the Honeymoon


Congratulations! You’re married and honeymooned and ready to begin the exciting adventure that is the rest of your lives together. Maybe you’re in the market to buy a house, maybe you’re getting ready to bring a beautiful new life into the world. Maybe you just want to take some time to enjoy each other and this new bond you’ve made.

You’ll need a way to refine those things about yourselves which make you the perfect couple: unity, problem solving, teamwork. You know you’re good at that stuff right now, but you also know life has a way of getting between couples if they let it. You know that whatever it is you choose to do with yourselves in your “you” time, it has to be something that keeps you as close as you are now for the rest of your life.

So, like any responsible adult, you Google it. You get this:


Well, that’s not very helpful. You don’t need therapy. You’re out to stack a great relationship even higher, not fix one that’s broken.

Okay, so you decide to try a hobby together. That’s a fantastic idea. It doesn’t have to be a “couple’s” thing to be great for married people. But what? Sports? You can’t agree on which to play. Painting? You sit at a desk all day, you don’t need that. Going out on dinner dates? Nice, but once the food is gone what do you have? Not much.

How about ballroom dancing?

Whether you’re the newlyweds looking for something exciting to cement their union or the couple who’s has been together for thirty years, dancing is the perfect addition to your marriage. It’s trust-building, team-building light-up-your-nights fun. It’s adventure and romance and escape from the repetition of life. It’s a skill you can show off at parties and business functions. It’s a study in nonverbal communication. It’s that thing you tell other couples when you to hear “You guys are so cool!

You’ll deserve the praise. Start taking dance lessons and you’ll earn the right to it, because you’ll be keeping that promise you made to each other when you decided to start on this crazy adventure:

“Let’s never stop getting better”






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