Your Wedding Dance at Arthur Murray


It’s time to start thinking about your wedding dance right now. I know, I know, your wedding isn’t for half a year and there’s so much to do! That’s exactly why you need to start tackling this serious part of the your wedding right now. If you ask any wedding couple who is one month away from their big day what their biggest concern is, I can bet it’ll be “the dance”. If you can get ahead of the curve on this, you’ll not only have a reception to remember, you’ll be able to go to it with peace of mind.

Because, really, do you need another thing to worry about on the day of?

Planning Your Wedding Dance

The wedding dance is the linchpin of the whole ceremony. It’s your moment to shine and it’ll take more prep than you expect. One of the most oft repeated things my wedding couples say when they get into their lessons is “we should have started this ages ago”.

Because working through a routine takes time. Luckily, the payoff is incredible, because on the way to creating a few minutes of pure performance, you learn a skill you can take with you for the rest of your life. If you come to an Arthur Murray dance studio, you’ll be learning much more than just a single dance — you’ll learn lead and follow, various social dances, line dances, and even how to get over the performance anxiety!

Your wedding dance is the symbol that belongs entirely to you. It falls on you to determine what that symbol will mean. Let people see it as a symbol of a new, capable super-couple and not just some boring, featureless shuffle on the dance floor.

Come have a free wedding consultation at one of our studios! You won’t regret it.









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