5 Easy Steps To Becoming Happier And Healthier Through Dance Lessons

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I believe that most people at some point have found themselves in a situation where they wished they knew how to dance. They let time slip by, however, until the feeling of inadequacy is such that they finally decide to take dance lessons. That’s why Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Northern New Jersey is here.

As dance instructors, we are thrilled when we see a student finally realize dance lessons are not just about learning how to dance. Dancing lessons have limitless benefits, such as BECOMING HAPPIER, gaining confidence, meeting people and making new friends. I say this because we regularly see, within a matter of just a few lessons, a huge transformation in our students. 

Here are 5 simple steps to a happier, healthier you.

  1. Decide to finally stop procrastinating and make this happen for yourself.

  2. Click or call:  Visit wordpress-183497-4119796.cloudwaysapps.com and request information or call us to speak with one our new student counselors who will give you all the information about our programs.

  3. becoming happier dance lessons.jpgSchedule your first lesson:  The first lesson, also known as your “dance evaluation,” is a very exciting step in your dance journey. We offer a complimentary sample lesson for 2 reasons:

    1. So you can come in and experience a real life dance lesson, where you’ll be introduced to the basic moves of some of the most popular dances. This will give us a chance to see what dances you really want to learn. While on the studio tour we’ll take that opportunity to explain the Arthur Murray Medalist System as well as explain our teaching method.

    2. So we can get to know some more about you and how you learn. We always like to know what your dance goals are, and together with your input, we’ll plan out your dance experience.  

  4. Bring comfortable shoes & a positive attitude:  When we meet some new students for the very first time, some of them share with us how nervous, but excited, they were before coming to the studio. Many of them tell us that they even considered cancelling on us. However, once arriving at the studio, they immediately feel that warm greeting and family feeling in which we pride ourselves, and instantly all the nervousness fades away. A common question is, “What shoes should I wear?” We suggest that you wear comfortable shoes that won’t stick to the floor or slip off of your feet.

  5. becoming happier.jpgGet ready to be transported:  At the end of the lesson we’ll do a brief dance evaluation of your dancing, then discuss the different dances that you’ll need to learn for your upcoming event or just for fun. We’ll also go over our interrelated system of teaching, then finally we’ll recommend one of our Pre Bronze dance programs for you to get started on your dance journey.

As you can see, becoming an Arthur Murray Dance Student is fun and easy! We will assist you every step of the way so that your dance experience is as enjoyable as possible without any surprises.







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