You’ll Be Amazed How Much You Learn in One of Our Free Salsa Classes

Salsa dancing is a versatile dance style that can be done with or without a partner and in many social settings including a nightclub, wedding, or social party. And believe it or not, salsa dancing is one of the easiest dance styles to pick up!

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With a free salsa class from Arthur Murray Dance Now, you’ll be dancing this popular dance in no time!

Why Salsa?

Free salsa lessons 2Salsa is an umbrella term that includes several different kinds of dance varieties including Mambo, Merengue, Cuban, and more. 

Although Salsa looks impressive to outsiders, the basic steps are easy to pick up. And as you gain confidence in your dancing skills, you can introduce new moves and salsa fusions.

But there’s even more to Salsa dancing than an easy and versatile dance style!

Who Should Learn Salsa?

Free salsa lessonsWondering if Salsa is the right dance for you to learn? Here are the kinds of people who will benefit from our Salsa classes:

  • You’re tired of feeling awkward on the dance floor
  • You want to meet new people in real life
  • You are a beginner dancer and want to learn a mainstream dance 
  • You want to build your confidence, on and off the dance floor

Easy to Learn

Free Salsa Lessons 1 We love it when people take our Salsa classes, because you can learn a lot in just one lesson! Our salsa dance classes are dance instruction, a workout, bootcamp, and romantic date all rolled into one.

You’ll learn spins and turns matched with basic steps. You’ll shake your hips and laugh out loud with other dancers. You’ll go home to practice and be equally shocked and impressed at how much you picked up in our 45-minute dance class. And we hope and trust that you’ll want to come back for more!

Sexy Salsa Moves

salsa dance classes (1)If you want to impress on the dance floor and make a connection, then Salsa is the dance for it! You’ll be the center of attention with your sexy dance moves and gain confidence as you pick up new skills. 

Plus, there are even more benefits to learning how to Salsa dance:

  • Get a killer workout
  • Meet new friends, maybe even a love connection
  • Build your confidence and self-esteem
  • Enjoy a new hobby and a new activity for your Friday nights
  • Have fun and show off your new moves

Try a free Salsa class today. You’ve got nothing to lose and new connections and sexy dance moves to gain!







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