Ignite Your Passion for Dance

Did you know Arthur Murray Dance Now offers new students one completely free dance lesson? It’s a great way to check out our facilities and see if dance lessons with us might be for you! The free lessons are 1-on-1 with a certified dance instructor. You can come with or without a partner and it’s a great introduction to start understanding dance fundamentals and start having fun dancing!

You only get a free lesson once, so here’s how you can make the most of your free dance lesson at Arthur Murray and ignite your passion for dance!

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Know what to expect

Coming to your first dance lesson can be a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Know exactly what to expect when you show up for your free dance lesson. We will have a simple evaluation so we can get to know you, show you our facility, and practice some steps so you can see what dancing with us would be like. 

Come prepared

You can come prepared to your free dance lesson by wearing the proper attire and arriving a little early.

Debunk some dancing myths

Think you need a partner or will be put on the spot for your free dance lesson? Think again. Get your head in the right space by debunking some of the most common dancing myths before your free lesson.

Choose the best location for you

We have several different Arthur Murray locations. Look at the list and see which studio has the best dance lessons near you. It’s ideal to take your free lesson from the studio you might eventually want to dance at.

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Get in the dancing spirit

Download some favorite tunes and watch some of our favorite dance routines prior to your free lesson to really get you in the dancing mood. Seeing other dancers can inspire you to start moving yourself. 

Connect with other dancers

Becoming a student at Arthur Murray means you’ll meet other dance students at our dance studio as well as at parties and events. A great way to get connected to us and other dancers is by following our Instagram handle @amdancenow.

Come ready to dance and have fun!

If you have any nerves, try to leave them behind. Dancing at Arthur Murray is a lot of fun and a great experience. Go into your free lesson open minded and ready to dance. 

We have some of the best dance teachers, which helps us teach the best dance lessons! Come try a free lesson today and see why people love to dance with us at Arthur Murray!







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