The Top 5 Myths About Dance Lessons—For Beginner Dancers

What comes to mind when you think about taking dance lessons as a beginner? Perhaps it’s fancy costumes or intricate moves. You may conjure up visions of your favorite Dancing with the Stars routines or scenes from your favorite dance movies. But as we all know, not everything is how it is portrayed on the big screen.
Dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Now look a lot different than you probably think. Dancing for beginners is much less frightening than you’d imagine, and a whole lot more fun than you expect!

Dancing for beginners

here are the top five myths about taking dance lessons—debunked.

1.  I have two left feet

Maybe you think you lack rhythm or that you’re clumsy. There can be a host of reasons why you think you might not be a good fit for dance lessons. Whatever it may be, we can work with you! Most dancers start out with little knowledge and even some clumsiness. Our instructors can help train those two left feet into dancing feet. Like learning any new skill, It just takes a little bit of knowledge and practice.

2. People will laugh at me

Every student at Arthur Murray has been in your shoes before, scared, nervous and unsure about their first dance lesson. And not a single one of them will laugh at you as a beginning dancer. Other students you meet will be nothing short of encouraging. You might even make some new friends!

3. I’ll be put on the spot

Having nightmares about dancing in front of everyone in your underwear? Don’t worry, we won’t make you do that! As a new dance student, you’ll be working closely with your own instructor. So even if other people are also on the dance floor, they are each immersed in their own lesson. Trust us, everyone is focused on their lesson and movements. You won’t feel like you’re in the spotlight.

Dancing for beginners 1

4. I need a dance partner

Think you need a significant other to join you in order to take dance lessons? While it’s a great activity to do with your sweetie, if your partner doesn’t want to dance, or if you’re on the single scene, you can take dance lessons solo. The good thing about dancing by yourself in the beginning is that you can focus on your own skills and movement.

5. I have no use for dance lessons

Whether you’re a bride-to-be or a couple looking for a new date night idea, dance lessons are for you! Couples who have been married for years can reconnect through taking dance lessons and newly engaged couples can curate a unique, first wedding dance as they look forward to the big day.

Don’t let your fears or stereotypes of what dance lessons might look like keep you from trying it out. Our instructors are there to support you and show you how much fun dancing can be!







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