Top Tips for New Dance Students at Arthur Murray

The back-to-school season reminds us of those first days of school from our youth. Whether it’s school, work, or a dance lesson, being the new kid can be tough. As a new dance student at Arthur Murray New Jersey, those nervous feelings might be rushing back to you. We want to ease your new-dance student jitters as you come to your first dance lesson with us.

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Here are our top tips for going back to (dance) school.

1. Dress the part

New Dance Students 3Do you remember laying out your outfit for the first day of school the night before? That outfit was everything. And while we aren’t concerned with the brand you wear or how well you match, we still want you to be mindful of your attire for your first dance lesson. Choose something comfortable that you can move around in. If you dress like a dancer, you’ll feel like a dancer and have more confidence.

2. Arrive early and be prepared to learn

Give yourself plenty of extra time to get to dance class a little early on your first day. There’s nothing more stressful than rushing into a meeting or appointment when it’s your first time. Getting to your first lesson a few minutes early will help you get situated and gives you a chance  to meet and chat with other fellow dance students.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

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There are no dumb dance questions! We were all at a beginning dance level at some point. The only way to get better is to understand what you are doing and then to do it. Chances are, if you have a question, someone else has it too. So pay attention and then be bold when you are unsure.

4. Set realistic expectations

Like any new skill, learning to dance takes time. You aren’t likely to master the Rumba on your first lesson. Be kind to yourself if you feel awkward or clumsy at first. Stick with the lessons. With time and practice, you will pick up the moves!

5. Be respectful of teachers and other students

Dance lessons are a great way to meet people and make new friends. Encourage other students when you see them making progress or giving it their all. Dancing in front of others can be intimidating, so be respectful of the teachers and the students putting it out their on the dance floor. You’ll want the same respect given to you when it’s your turn in the spotlight.

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6. Practice makes perfect

Why do you think your teachers always sent you home with homework? Practicing a skill over and over is just going to help you pick it up that much quicker. Take what you learn in lessons, download an awesome dance playlist and practice your moves at home in front of a mirror. An even better way to practice is to grab some friends from dance lessons and hit up a dance club.

7. Have fun!

No matter how much you liked school, dance class is fun! Embrace the experience of learning new dances, meeting new friends and changing your life. Dance can open up a whole new world. So get out there, kick up your feet and have fun with it!

We hope you’re ready for your first day of dance school. Our instructors are here to make you feel comfortable and confident as you pick up your new dance skills. We are passionate about dance and want to see our students succeed. Give us a call today so we can get you started!







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