Top 5 Dance Classes For Adults

It seems there are more and more pastimes available for adults these days, such as going to the movies, joining a book club, taking pottery classes, or even something as obscure as joining a Bridge club. If you allow yourself to be bored, it may be because you’re not trying hard enough to find the one thing that tickles your fancy. I must admit that my wife does most of the planning in our household. I typically object at first, but I know full well that whatever she suggests, I will most likely end up having a good time.

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One hobby that has become popular again is taking ballroom dancing classes for adults. Ballroom dancing, however, is not what you might be picturing. It’s no longer the old fashioned, corny stuff that you picture your Grandma doing––these days it’s way more hip, and definitely much sexier.

When choosing to take up this exciting hobby, be prepared. There are a variety of dances to choose from. The easiest way to categorize them would be in 3 styles: Ballroom Dancing, Social Dancing & Latin Dancing. Let me break them down so that you’ll understand how I came up with the top 5.

Ballroom Dancing

becoming happier dance lessons-519827-edited.jpgBallroom Dancing is the original style of formal couples dancing. It’s comprised of dances such as; Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz & Quickstep. The most practical and popular of these dances is the Foxtrot. If you like Frank Sinatra tunes, then you’ll just love to glide across the floor to one of Ol’ Blue Eyes’ famous tunes.


how_to_Choose_a_Dance_Studio_Thats_Right_for_You-629092-edited.jpgSocial Dancing is made up of dances such as Hustle, Swing, Night Club, 2 Step, Lindy, and Jitterbug. These dances are done to upbeat music, both contemporary and oldies. The most popular and useful of these dance is the Hustle.


privatedancelessons-995199-edited.pngLatin Dancing is the sexiest of the 3 styles, and is the most popular. This style gives you the most aerobic exercise especially since most of these dances are upbeat and require a lot of hip movement. It’s difficult to select the most practical dance in this style because all of them have become popular, thanks to artist such as Pitbull, JLo and Shakira. The rhythm is infectious and you can’t help but shake your bon bon. Salsa, Chacha, Merengue, Bolero, Mambo, Bachata, Zouk are just some of the dances. The dances that I would consider indispensable would be Salsa, Bachata & Merengue. If you can become proficient in these dances, you’ll be set.

So, here are the Top 5 Dance Classes for adults, in order of importance.

  1. SALSA
  2. SWING

Having a relatively clear understanding of what dances you should learn will make your dance journey much more enjoyable. Whether you do a Youtube search, or just leap right in with both feet, take that step and schedule your first dance lesson with a trained professional.







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