Why Every Adult Should Try Dance Classes

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Some people grow up taking dance lessons. Others do not. And it’s a common misconception that if you fall into the latter camp, you won’t ever be able to become a great dancer as an adult. Well, let me stop you right there with that pish-posh! Every adult has the ability to become a wonderful dancer—the only thing standing in your way is that very first dance class.

But besides the obvious benefit of taking dance classes (becoming a great dancer), there are plenty more reasons you should jump on the dance-wagon. Especially as an adult, you have so much to gain by starting dance lessons. Here are the top reasons we believe every adult should try dancing.

If you are a little shy…

Whether you’re single and looking to meet someone special, or you’re happily married and want some new pals to hang with, one of the best ways to combat shyness is an organized group activity such as dance lessons. The environment is fun enough to show your playful side, but it’s structured enough to eradicate those awkward silences that so often plague fresh social interactions. You’ll be able to create long-lasting relationships—platonic or not—in the energetic setting of a studio.

If you like adventure…

Dancing is the next greatest adventure you’ve got to try. With endless opportunities to learn and improve, you’ll never get bored. Keep challenging yourself with unfamiliar dance styles such as the bachata or swing. We’re willing to bet you’ll keep coming back for more once you get a taste of the ever-evolving dance adventure.

If you’re lacking confidence…

dance classes for adults 1 (1).jpgLet the power of dance help you find your confidence. Once you learn your first steps, you’ll immediately feel more comfortable on the dance floor and, thus, in many other areas of your life. There’s just something so innately uplifting about being about to move your body artfully, especially when you never believed you could do such a thing. Salsa dancing is especially great for adults needing a confidence boost.

If you want to lose a little weight…

Skip the gym and those dreaded cardio machines—all you need to drop some pounds are your own two feet. It might not seem like it at first, but once you get on a regular schedule dancing, you’ll notice that as your skills increase, your weight will decrease. It’s a simple side-effect of getting off the couch and on your feet. You’ll also notice how much happier you’ll be, too. Exercise releases endorphins and happiness chemicals, amplifying your mood to a whole new level. Trust us on this one.

If you want to spend less time with technology…

Our modern world is generally defined by our devices. When’s the last time you got off your phone or tablet and engaged in a more social hobby? Social media is linked to depression, but dancing is linked to happiness. Instead of sending messages to profiles online and feeling depressed at the end of the day, get offline and enjoy real human interaction. It’s always a good idea to put the device down and enjoy the world tech-free, and dance lessons are the perfect opportunity to live your life off-screen.

We told you there were plenty of reasons for adults to dance, but in case you need more, check out this article. And when you’re ready to get groovin’, start with one of these adult-approved dances and claim a free first lesson!







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