A Fun and Fit 30-day dance challenge!

Want to change your life in 30 days? It might not seem like a long time but 30 days could be all you need to relieve stress, build new relationships, lose weight, and increase your overall enjoyment of life.

30 day dance challenge

Join us for a 30-day dance challenge and you’ll be on your way to knowing how to dance in different social scenes, having an increased confidence, and feeling better and sexier than you ever have before.

What is a 30-day challenge?

A 30-day challenge involves focusing on developing a new habit or trying something new for the course of 30 days. It’s pretty simple. Choose something you want to work on, work at it for 30 days and see how your life is changed.

Why dance for 30 days?

Dance for 30 days and you’ll be wowed at the results. Committing to 30 days of dancing, whether it’s daily for one month—or spread out over the course of three or six months—is a great way to sharpen your dance skills.

In 30 days you can go from a newbie to a proficient dancer with a little bit of practice. You can learn to dance in any social scene, including at a wedding or a nightclub. And while 30 days is by no means required, it’s a great goal to get started on your path to dancedom!

30 day dance challenge 1

Gain more than dance skills

In your 30-day dance challenge, you won’t just start to feel more confident on the dance floor. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself with a new confidence off the dance floor as well. The benefits of dancing include a long list and you’ll notice some of them happening to you!

Of course you’ll likely tone your legs and waist, but dancing can also make you smarter and keep you feeling young. Not to mention that dancing can be a great way to make new friends and help you meet potential dates.

30-day challenges have a way of helping people break bad habits, change their perspective, introduce new experiences, and even teach them more about themselves. Dancing through a 30-day challenge is going to be an incredible journey!

30 day dance challenge 2

How to get started on the right foot

If you aren’t a dancing guru and all this seems overwhelming to you, don’t fret! That’s where we come in. Contact your local Arthur Murray for a free lesson and we can tailor a 30-day dance challenge for you.

If you’re still feeling shy about visiting us, you can start off your own 30-day dance challenge with our Arthur Murray friends in Costa Mesa. They created a series of videos to get you up and dancing each day! Check it out!

Give yourself 30 days to see how dance can change your life! We promise, you won’t regret it!







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