How Dancing Improves Health

We all know dancing is fun, but dancing for health benefits too? Absolutely! From burning calories, to improving cardiovascular health, it has proven to be a multifaceted way to improve one’s overall health. 

Dancing improves health

How Much Activity is Recommended?

Dancing improves health 1We may be a little biased, but doesn’t dancing for exercise sound like a lot more fun than braving the gym and feeling overwhelmed by heavy workout equipment? We think so! According to Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans adults should aim for 2.5 – 5 hours a week of moderately intense activity, or 1.25-2.5 hrs a week of vigorously intense activity. A weekly dance class is the perfect way to ease your body into regular movement while maintaining positive progression towards a healthier, happier you.

Physical Benefits of Dancing

Dancing improves health not only by burning calories but it also keeps you limber. All that movement, combined with the proper technique improves your coordination, posture, joint health, and bone strength. Additionally dancing impacts your health by improving your cardiovascular and lung strength. All that extra work your body is doing during every workout increases your overall stamina. In fact, dancing burns up to 300 calories per hour! So as you keep practicing those dance steps and movements, you will find yourself being able to move with more ease and grace.

Mental Benefits of Dancing

Dancing improves health 2We’re inclined to say that dancers are some of the happiest and most positive people on earth. But how exactly does it benefit you? Dancing helps you de-stress by releasing serotonin and endorphins – both are known as the happy hormones that boost a sense of joy, contentment and well being. In fact, the #1 way to boost your serotonin is to exercise! Staying active through dance also increases blood flow to your brain which in turn improves mental clarity, focus, and memory. That is why numerous studies have shown that dancing is an excellent way to reduce alzheimer’s symptoms. All that to say; a dance a day keeps the blues away. 

Social Benefits of Dancing

Dancing can also be a fun way to meet a diverse crowd of fellow dance enthusiasts. From classes, to showcases, to dancing at that next wedding (with the amazing technique you learned at Arthur Murray of course), you’re bound to attract new friends and broaden your social network. While you’re mastering the choreography you will simultaneously be boosting your confidence so that you’re ready whenever life decides to throw a fun new social event your way. 

Our dance instructors are trained to help you learn each movement and each step so you can seamlessly move across the dance floor with ease and at a pace that is comfortable for you. Whether you’re looking to reconnect with your spouse, meet new people, or try a new method for getting fit, we’re sure that dancing with us at Arthur Murray is a great place to start and a fun way to improve your health too.







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