Top 5 Beneficial Stress Relief Practices

Stress. It can get the best of anyone. Whether you have hard days at work or some tension at home, stress can come in many forms from many different causes. Not only does stress, well, stress you out, but it also can have some bad effects on your body and mental health overall.

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Stress can cause you to become depressed, lose or gain weight, or even make you sick, among many other health issues. There’s a reason it’s been dubbed the silent killer.

Luckily, though, there are some great ways to help relieve stress, and lots of them are actually fun! If you want to start lessening stress in your life, try some of the below proven stress-reducing activities that are a little bit off the beaten path. All you need to do is mix one or a few of them into your life naturally, and you should notice a much less stressed outlook on life. Sound good to you? We thought so.

5 Activities to Reduce Stress


dance as stress relief knitting.jpgIf you like doing things with your hands, you should try taking up knitting or crocheting. This calming activity is a great way to clear your mind and practice relaxation. The New York Times reports that knitting or crocheting, once you get past the learning curve, can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, while also reducing your stress.

Added bonus: You will create all kinds of cool keepsakes and gifts—baby blankets, scarves, afghans, shawls, and more.


dance as stress relief walking.jpgTake to the great outdoors for stress relief, if you wish. Simply by being outside, you can reduce your stress levels. But that’s not all—taking a walk can boost your energy and make you happy by releasing feel-good endorphins.

Added bonus: Walk with a friend, your spouse, or your beloved pet for even more stress-reducing benefits.

Adult Coloring Books

dance as stress relief coloring.jpgBefore you scoff at the idea of coloring because you think it’s just for kids, hear us out. Coloring books have recently resurged for the adult market specifically because they’re so great for relieving stress (this book has specific stress-relieving patterns). Think about it: you can dial in to a fun design, focusing on colors, and reliving a nostalgic pastime that never gets old… all while improving your mental and physical health.

Added bonus: It’s a great activity to do with your children or grandchildren. Everyone wins!


dance as stress relief 1 (1).jpgWhen in doubt, dance it out. Dancing is highly recommended if you’re having marriage problems, and it can make you generally happier and healthier overall. Dance has plenty of purported benefits, and stress relief is just one of those, especially since you release endorphins as you dance. To bring dance into your life, just follow these easy steps to get started.

Added bonus: Dancing is just plain fun! You won’t even notice you’re relieving stress when you’re caught up in the beat. Plus, dancing can help you lose weight, too.


dance as stress relief - swim (1).jpgIf the water sounds more appealing to you, why not add swimming to your weekly routine? You can also just choose to float. Either way, H2O is the way to go for stress relief, since simple contact with the water can be immediately relieving. If you do choose to swim laps, expect the repetitive strokes to provide a sort of water-induced meditation practice. And, of course, endorphins come with this physical activity, too.

Added bonus: Swimming can very easily be a social activity; join a group if you’re in need of some new friends.

What do you think of these natural remedies for stress relief? If you want to try to use dance as stress relief, you can get a free first class by clicking here.







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