3 Steps to Creating the Perfect First Dance for Your Wedding


You’re engaged and planning a wedding! One of the most special moments you will have on your wedding day is the first dance as husband and wife. On a day when everyone will be wanting to hug, kiss, talk to, and photograph you, these three minutes are one of the only times you and your new spouse will be alone in each other’s arms. It should be enjoyable, perfect, and a lifelong memory. So how do you guarantee it will be?

Here are three easy steps for creating the perfect first dance for your wedding:

1. Choose a song that means something to you

Are you traditional? Can’t go wrong with timeless choices like Frank Sinatra or Etta James. Are you a romantic at heart? John Legend or Adele are perfect choices. Whatever type of bride and groom you are – modern, fun, classy, sexy – pick a song that fits your personality and relationship.

2. Invest in a professional to help you learn how to dance to the music

Listen, this isn’t a seventh grade dance, and the “rock and sway” just isn’t going to cut it. You’ve invested a lot of time and mental energy into picking a song that speaks to you as a couple, so go that extra step and learn how to dance to the song. This is not only a gift to you as a couple (date night, anyone?) but a gift to your guests! You deserve this time to deepen your bond and enjoy time together as a soon-to-be-married couple.

Your local Arthur Murray Dance Studio has been creating customized first dances for brides and grooms for over 100 years. When you look back at this day, you want your dance to be an absolute highlight. Plus, the dance skills you learn will be used for your entire marriage – other’s weddings, date nights, vacations, eventually even your own children’s weddings. That’s an investment to last a lifetime.

3. Let go and have fun.

You’ve spent the time creating that perfect first dance to that perfect song. Now is the time to relax, smile and enjoy one of the few moments of your wedding dance where it’s just you two, together. Your family and friends are on your side! This isn’t “Dancing With the Stars” – no one is going to give you a score when you’re finished. So smile big, laugh off any little mistakes, and know you’re making a memory to last a lifetime.








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