3 Worst Date Night Ideas in New Jersey (and what to do instead)

Let’s be honest, googling “best date night ideas” can only get you so far. In the end, you’re going to want to hear some opinions from people you trust. So let’s delve into NJ nightlife and try out a few of the worst date ideas before hitting on a few of the best!


Stay Away From: Murder Mystery Dinners and Historical Reenactments!

It’s your first date, and you’re ready to put on your A-game tonight. You pull your car up in front of your date’s place, and turn off the car. Before walking to their door you take a moment to prepare yourself. Cologne on? Check. Nice shoes. Check. Cravat smooth? Check. Wig powdered? Powdery. Longcoat buttoned? Tricorner hat tipped just right? Sword at your hip? Check, check, and double check.

Time to sweep this date off their feet with your awesome historical reenactment skills!

Try Instead: Escape Rooms!

These clever places are like murder mystery dinners except, you know, cool. You and a bunch of strangers get locked in a room and you have to investigate and put together clues to figure your way out in an hour!

Lame? I think not! You get to show your date what a clever person you are, and how well you can work with others. You can show them drive and energy and your fun loving nature. These are absolutely things prospective partners of either gender are looking to see in you.

And if you don’t get out on time, you can enjoy blaming everyone else on the car ride home.

Stay Away From: Fishing!

I know guys, and I’m so sorry. But unless you’ve found an angel who also happens to be a pro angler, the likelihood of this date idea ending up with you getting -ahem- lucky is slim. I mean, it’s not impossible but it’s like trying to take a fish hang-gliding, you’re not looking for success in your target’s natural habitat!

And in the end, finding romance where your partner is comfortable is one of the best decisions you can make!   

Try Instead: Rock Climbing!

Whether you go to the great outdoors or to a facility, rock climbing is a hard, rewarding date idea that shows your new date that you can be relied on. Let them climb up the wall while you literally hold on to their life line. How’s that for a metaphor?

It also works up a hot, sexy sweat. And when you’re finished you feel alive!

Stay Away From: Bringing Them Home to Mother!

More and more these days people have to live at home to recover from the financial burden of their educations. This is a good thing, if you have a really supportive family. But don’t let the family become so much a part of your adult life that you make them your first stop for any new romantic partners.

It’s a huge turn-off. And it signals that things are going faster than you intend for them to go. If you live with your folks, just…get a room somewhere else if things get steamy.

Try Instead: Bringing Them to Your Dance Classes!

You didn’t think I’d leave dancing out, did you?

Letting them join you for a night of your favorite hobby is an incredible way to bring them a little bit closer to intimacy without totally freaking them out. And it’s an awesome showcase of your skills! Dancing is, of course, unbelievably romantic. Salsa with them, take them through a sexy tango, and you’ll both be laughing and flirting in no time.

You might find a couple’s activity you can take with you for the rest of your life!










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