4 Reasons You Need to Try Tango Today


If there’s one dance that embodies all the qualities people admire in dancers, it’s the Tango. Even just saying the world out loud evokes images of sweeping steps, gorgeous frame, and stalking motion. It evokes cool South American nights lit by low burning fires, filled with beautiful couples dancing to the powerful, stunning music.


And if that image doesn’t convince you to try Tango today, here are a few others:

1) Tango Improves Your Frame and Your Life

Firstly, Tango makes you look really good when you dance it. At the core of that awesome look is frame. Frame is the dancing term for how you hold your upper body in relation to your partner when you dance. In Tango you keep your elbows and arms high, you chest out, and your back straight. It builds core muscle and corrects your spinal position — very useful if you find yourself hunched over a desk most hours of the day.

In Tango, and many other slow dances, we focus on this important aspect of presentation. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to project power from your body, come learn Tango to develop an awesome body-presence!

2) Tango Gets Close, Really Close

I mean really, really close! Tango in its traditional form has partners connected from the waist down. Its incredibly intimate and incredibly fun! Through this connected frame you and your partner become one moving unit! This level of control takes training to master, but once you have you’ll find yourself able to either give or receive lead with the greatest of ease. And when you get that awesome frame we were talking about earlier…you’ll be a Tango prodigy!

3) Tango Has a Surprisingly Rugged History

Gouchos! That’s what south american cowboys were called. The Tango was their dance, and many of Tango’s folkloric traditions descend from these rugged horseback heroes! So just in case you were thinking Tango was some tame and boring dance, remember that men used to dance this in saloons with guns at their sides! Hows that for cool?

The curving nature of the Tango’s basic step is said to come from the Gouchos dancing around fire-pits and bar tables! Every time you practice conta-body movement in Tango (if you don’t know what that is, come learn!) you’re using a technique that is hundreds of years old!

4) Tango Has Two Styles

Tango in the American style and Argentine Tango have many similarities, but are very distinct dances. One, American, connects from the bottom, while the Argentine style connects at the top. It’s hard to tell which is more intimate and romantic. American style features tons of rotations and rocks, while Argentine features dazzling footplay!

Come try both and find your preference. Tango is the dance that can’t be stopped! Make it yours today!





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