4 Things To Expect on Your First Private Dance Lesson

The first time can be a bit intimidating!

At Arthur Murray we want your first private dance lesson to be a rewarding and informative experience. Below you’ll find a few helpful bits of information to dispel any worry you might have about your first experience. Keep in mind, it’s going to be fun!


1. We Don’t Expect You To Know Anything

 At Arthur Murray we call the first private dance lesson a Dance Evaluation, or DE. The DE, despite its name, is not a test of any sort. While we do look to see your physical capabilities and natural ability, no one gets turned away for not having rhythm or not knowing any steps. What a DE really ends up being is a meet-and-greet. During the DE you’ll meet our staff, check out our facility, and try out a step or two just to see what our learning process is like.

Really, if anyone’s doing the examining during the DE, it’s you!

2. It’s Going to Fly By!

When I end a first lesson, my students always look shocked by how quickly the time went. Your brain is going to be on overdrive, trying to make your feet go where your head is telling them to. It’s going to be exciting and challenging and funny and relaxed. On the first lesson we never overburden you with a hundred technical points. We get you moving, and we let you have fun!

Make sure to be paying attention to your instructor and how they teach. It’s important for you to feel a good connection with your instructor. Remember: a DE is a taste-test for private lessons. If there’s something that confuses or concerns you, bring it up at the end of the lesson!

3. You’ll Get to See Different Program Options

After you dance, you’ll get to pick the best program to fit your schedule and goals. This decision comes after a brief conversation with your instructor or your studio’s New Student Director (sometimes called a Counselor) where your options are explained to you. Most students start on a fairly small program and build from there.

All of our programs come with group classes and practice parties included. These two extra features create well rounded dancers. While your private lessons will carry the bulk of your step-by-step learning, these other types of classes focus on vital skills such as lead and follow!

4. You’ll Leave a Full-Fledged Dance Student!

Being a dance student at an Arthur Murray studio is a great thing! You can come use our dance floor to practice, you can come to our parties and events, you can jump in when amazing travelling instructors pass through the studio, you can meet new people, try every kind of group class and, best of all, learn how to dance in private lessons!

The first private dance lesson is a gateway to a lifetime of dancing! Isn’t it time you tried it for yourself?







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