5 Ways Ballroom Dancing Keeps You Young

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Ballroom dancing is one of those activities with no drawbacks. It’s fun, social, intellectually stimulating, it’s universally popular and respected, and it’s accessible to everybody. One of the often unsung benefits of ballroom dancing is its rejuvenating quality. Dancing is a primal expression of life, one humans have been using since before written history. Dance is in our blood, and for good reason. Today we’re going to discuss how dancing makes you feel good, healthy and youthful.

1: Ballroom Improves Your Health

Physically, ballroom dancing strengthens your core, your legs and even your arms. You’ll find yourself sweating off the pounds if you jive or hustle, you’ll find that lesson after lesson even increases your cardiovascular health and stamina. Ballroom dancing may seem effortless and graceful, but getting to that point takes work and training! Yet unlike reps at the gym, training to dance is a fun experience filled with laughter and a sense of progress. One day, after nailing that dance pattern you never thought you were going to get, you’ll look at yourself in the mirror and be shocked by how good you look.

2: Ballroom Teaches You How to Romance

Our instructors can give you more than step by step instructions about where to put your feet. They teach styling as well, which is the art of conveying emotion and passion through your movement. Ladies, you won’t believe the fire you can light in your men with just a few seductive bits of styling. Men, you won’t want to stop dancing once you realize that you can look as suave as James Bond with a simple placement of your palm while you set your lady up for a spin.

What does all this do for you? It instills confidence and playfulness. It reminds you to look at each other as passionate, sexy people. Without that, you might just go home and have a regular boring night. With that, though…

3: Ballroom Prepares You for Adventure

You never know when dancing might come up, but if it does you want to be ready. The ability to react to spontaneity is what made you feel young when you were young. When was the last time your friends turned up unexpectedly to drag you out somewhere exciting? Were you too worried to go join them? Add ballroom dancing to your list of skills and no matter where you go you’ll have the confidence to stand out and make the night memorable!

4: Ballroom Is New

What makes a person feel young? Embarking on something new. Newness in your life challenges you and helps you continue defining yourself. Young people have it easy, everyone loves to watch them experiment and jump from this to that. If you let the world think of you as old and sedentary, you’ll fall victim to that reputation. Defy anyone who wants you to sit and be still- go out and try something exciting! No one tries dancing and regrets it later, they only regret how long it took them to get started! Today can be your day to reinvent yourself if you only have the courage to reach and make a change!

5: Ballroom Widens Your Social Circle

Work and home. If you’re like most Americans those are the two places you go regularly. Many people decide to pick up hobbies because work and home offer only limited opportunities to make new friends. A ballroom studio is an especially good place to do so, because you’re surrounded by people just like you-people who are interested in feeling vibrant, healthy and accomplished. Take each trip to your Arthur Murray as an opportunity to meet some of these fantastic people! 




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