5 Ways to Prepare for your First Private Dance Lesson


So you’ve taken the big first step and decided to take your first private dance lesson at Arthur Murray. Congratulations! You’re embarking on an adventure which will improve you physically and challenge you mentally. It’s going to be an important day in your life, the beginning of something brand new. You may have danced here and there throughout life, but that’s not to say you felt great about it or even really knew what you were doing. Now you’re going to learn.

Of course, you want to be prepared.

Preparing for your First Dance Lesson

1: Find the Nearest Arthur Murray and Book Your Free Private Dance Lesson

Do it quickly, before your nerve runs out! Life is full of these do or die moments. The first way to prepare for your private dance lesson is to commit to it. Once you have, don’t let yourself back down. Commit and see it through.

At Arthur Murray we’re very goal oriented people. We understand how easy it is to start something only to put it down later. Our studio philosophy centers around pushing our students to constantly reach for higher goals. In our many years of experience, we’ve found that goal setting and strong follow through is the key to feeling happy and fulfilled.

We’re waiting for you. What are you waiting for?  

2: Tell Your Friends

How often do you start something so fun and hip? A great way to get excited for your private dance lesson is to tell your friends. Maybe a few will be interested in trying dancing with you. Even if they don’t, you’re unlikely to find someone who thinks learning to dance is a bad idea. Learning dance is worth bragging about.

Telling your friends has a second benefit. By saying out loud that you’re going to be doing something, you reinforce your own determination to do it! Now you know people might ask “How was your lesson?” and you want to be able to tell them. We’re very proud of what we do at Arthur Murray and we want you to be as well, from start to finish!

3: Pick an Outfit

You don’t have to come dressed in any particular way. That doesn’t mean you should come in looking frumpy or unkempt! If you dress up for no other time, dress up for your dancing. While not required, dressing up gives you a sense of glamor and dignity that compliments a dance lesson perfectly. Skeptical? Try this:

Imagine walking into a dance hall, feeling confident and ready to learn. Your instructor sweeps you into his arms and leads you to the dance floor. By the end of the lesson you’re breathless and your head is full of new information. You can’t wait to come back and feel the butterflies flutter in your stomach as you dance. Imagine it in your head right now. When you see yourself in your mind, what are you wearing?

Now you get it.

4:  Arrive Early

There are more reasons to arrive early than mere punctuality. You’re entering a new environment, one with a culture all of its own. The opportunity to observe the world of dancing for a few minutes before actually becoming a part of it can help settle your nerves. The last thing you want to be while you’re trying to learn is nervous.

When you arrive early, you give yourself the chance to meet other students and even make friends. You can ask them questions about what to expect (and if you’re in an Arthur Murray Studio, they’re always happy to answer) and who the staff are. You’ll likely be greeted by a few staff members upon entering and might find yourself surprised by just how nice all of these people are. It’s all a part of the world you’re about to enter, the dancing world of Arthur Murray. It’s friendly, supportive and casual.

The sooner you arrive, the sooner you’ll discover just how true that is.

5: Know Why You’ve Come

At Arthur Murray we make sure our private dance lessons are geared toward your personal goals. Like I said at the beginning, we’re all about goal setting. Once you’re in our studio the trajectory of your instruction will always be aimed toward accomplishing what you want to accomplish. If you come to the dance studio equipped with a clearly defined goal (even if that goal is just to become a good social dancer) then our professional instructors will get you to it.

That’s what makes us different, and it always has been. At Arthur Murray we teach the world how to dance the way it wants to dance, to reach the heights it wants to reach, to impress, to flourish in social environments with the confidence of a star dancer. 








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