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Some people like to say that ballroom dancing is coming back! We at Arthur Murray never even realized it left, but either way people are excited about dancing these days! We love it! So what is there to be so excited about? What is it about ballroom dance studios New Jersey loves so much?

1) Ballroom Dancing is Classy!

The dance floor is a place for men and women in handsome suits and gowns, spinning and socializing with ease and comfort. The ballroom is a place for delicious cocktails and sophisticated conversations. It’s a haven for the adults of the world, where men can be men and women can be women. Its an uncomplicated celebration of maturity and dignity.

Don’t let your kids tell you that dancing is just for the young. Dancing was made legendary by the adults of the world, and it served as a glue to hold social galas and lavish parties together for thousands of years.

Experience the high life for yourself by learning to take part in this time-honored tradition!

2) Ballroom Studios New Jersey Loves Focus on Students First

People are raving about dancing because, at Arthur Murray dance studios, dancing is a fantastic hobby and pick-me-up! At Arthur Murray we stress goal setting and personal achievement over everything! Our goal with our students is to create a succession of achievements and victories in the ballroom and in life outside of it! It’s a strategy that helps our students feel fulfilled and excited every day!

3) Dancing is Sexy!

Whether doing a slow or a fast dance, there’s a lot of romance and flirtation built in to dancing. We recommend that every couple in the world try dancing to experience this! There’s nothing quite like holding a lover close, looking into their eyes and feeling their power as they lead or follow you through steps across a ballroom.

Spin your wife! Slide your finger over your husband’s chest as you walk sultry steps around him. Dip your girlfriend and strike a masculine pose as a crowd cheers for you! Feel the wind in your hair as you both spin and whirl on a floor. Once you do, you’ll realize why this is the era of ballroom studios New Jersey can’t resist!








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