Ballroom Dancing: Zero to Ladies Man in 10 Lessons or Less!


Ten lessons. Seven and one half hours. That’s how long I need to take you from zero to 007, from goofy clutz to George Clooney. Ten lessons. I can peel you off the wall at every party and put you right in the center.  It’s a pretty brazen boast, I know, but it’s one we train every day at Arthur Murray to accomplish with the thousands of men who pass through our studio doors. It’s been over one hundred years. We’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Ballroom dancing is the one hobby which has no drawbacks for a man. It builds muscle and stamina, it improves posture and self confidence. There’s nowhere in the world where ballroom dancing isn’t cool. There’s no one on earth who watches a great ballroom dancer and isn’t at least a bit impressed. You’ve seen it in the movies and on television, maybe even witnessed it yourself at singles’ parties and cruises. Men who can dance attract women. Men who can dance attract everybody. If you can move, the only people who don’t want to be near you are the people who are too worried they’ll look bad by comparison.

So how do we do it? With something men tend to love most: structure. Ballroom dancing ends up looking effortless, but begins with rules. You learn from day one how to move your feet, how to hold your partner and more importantly what bad habits to avoid on the dance floor. At Arthur Murray we cultivate good leading ability with patience, repetition and professional focus. In our school, you won’t find some scatterbrained dancing savant more interested in fanciful self expression than he is in helping you learn. Every instructor in our studios is concerned primarily with how they’ll get your dancing from stuttering to unstoppable.

If you’ve ever been to a singles’ night or even just a friendly party you’ve seen the sad lineup of men who can’t participate in the night’s festivities. They crowd together, standing on the fringes of dancers, looking on wistfully and hoping someone, anyone will notice them. No one does. They don’t lack conversational ability, nor looks or personality. They only lack that all important pick to break the ice.

Isn’t it time you got that essential tool for yourself?







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