Dance For Health: Don’t Be a Couch Potato


It may sound morbid, but I promise it’s for your own good when I remind you that life is passing you by every moment you ignore it. I want you to take a dance lesson today, not tomorrow, not next week — today. Now.

People who learn how to make something of their lives think about their present and their future in a very clever and specific way, one I’ll share with you today in the hope that you can apply it to your own life.

There are two versions of you to consider when you ask “should I do this now, or should I just keep watching TV and spacing out?”. Those two versions are the present you, and the future you.

When we think of our future self, we think of this wildly successful, motivated, driven person who accomplishes whatever we don’t want to do right now. That person is calling for dance lessons, going out to parties, arranging their life, learning a new language. That person rocks!

The only problem is that the you of the future won’t exist unless you get up now, in the present. We like to imagine that, in the future, we’ll be a person who gets things done, yet if we don’t make ourselves into a person who gets things done right now, we’ll just continue to be a couch potato in the future. Don’t be a couch potato! Be that awesome future you. Get proactive! Get powerful! You’ll find that the hard work of owning your own life makes your future all the brighter!

Let me ask you this, Is the first thing on your to do list “schedule a free first dance lesson?” Learning to dance is more important than the other mundane things you ought to accomplish because, unlike doing laundry or mowing your lawn or taking care of your business, dancing is set up to cultivate the perfect future you.

At Arthur Murray, we are obsessive goal setting and goal achievers. We take our passion and succeed at it literally step by step. That’s the grand formula to success. When our team sits down to discuss our own goals, it’s our Arthur Murray franchisees who pass down the wisdom of accumulating success by taking life one successful step at a time.

Because change is hard! And trying to change all at once is almost impossible! At your Arthur Murray dance lessons, we’ll give you a blueprint for success in dancing that you can copy for every hurdle in your life. It makes all the difference, and sets you up for success forever after. So pick up the phone and let’s schedule your first dance lesson, right now! I’ll be waiting for you on the other end of the line!






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