Dance Lessons Are Like Chicken Soup for the Soul


Life is full of emotions we want to express. Sometimes we’re overjoyed and we want to shout it out loud to the world, sometimes we’re sad and need someone to talk to. Sometimes we’re nervous or anxious or enthusiastic or nostalgic. Life is good, and it provides us with a plethora of feelings to express. The trouble is finding ways to express them. Some people are good with words but have no one who wants to listen, some people have lots of people who’ll listen but aren’t so great at expressing themselves.

We believe dance lessons are like chicken soup for the soul.

Seems like a bit of a stretch, but when you think about what dancing can be, you realize there’s no better place to express yourself than at your dance studio. At Arthur Murray we’re all about social dancing, and we really do emphasize the social part. We throw parties, host events, and hold group classes primarily to help people who want to communicate with each other.

And don’t forget, dancing IS expressing. It’s nonverbal, for those of you who would rather move than speak, and it’s such a gorgeous way to tell the world how you feel.

That’s why we’re always checking in with our students about their progress. How are they feeling? Which dances do they like best? To us, your choice in dances can act as a barometer to gauge how you’re feeling. Some dances can convey sadness with tear-inducing poignancy, while others can evoke joy and flirtatiousness. Did you lose someone recently? Let us help you construct a visual testament to your loved one. Did you just graduate from school or get a promotion? Let’s dance and celebrate!

Dancing is for you, just like any form of self expression. It’s your way of telling the world how you feel. Whether you just come in and chat with newly-made friends after a group class, or if you perform a stunning routine to honor an important moment in your life, dancing will help you tell your story while keeping your mind and soul healthy.

Don’t be skeptical about our devotion to helping our students through dance. Ask any instructor and you’ll find that to be our deepest core value. Try it out today!





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