How to Get Your Husband to Take Dance Lessons With You

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in October 2014 and has been updated and revamped for accuracy.

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Let’s face it, ladies, people who don’t understand dancing think it’s just for girls. It’s not true. It’s not fair. But together we’re the only ones who can change that perception. How do we do it? By dragging the fantastic men in our lives to dance lessons and letting them experience how great dancing is for themselves! But how?

At Arthur Murray we deal with every kind of student, even reluctant ones. Many men come only because their wives have asked and asked and asked them to. Many of these women have waited for years to get their husbands to try just one class. You don’t have that sort of time. You want to dance now.

Are you wanting to try dance lessons with your husband?

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a few common objections your man might give along with ways to turn him around.

Dance lessons gym“I Can’t Take Dance Lessons Because I’m Out of Shape”

But wait, didn’t we just say he wouldn’t want to do it because he’s afraid of appearing feminine? Maybe, but that’s not what he’s going to say. Men are clever, they know that saying upfront that they’re scared of something won’t work. Most men try to come up with a more plausible excuse. This is a very common one.

But being out of shape is exactly the sort of reason to try a dance lesson! An out of shape man hates the idea of going to the gym. For a man who isn’t used to working out on a regular basis, the gym is even more intimidating than a dance floor. At least when it comes to dancing no one expects him to know what he is doing. It’s the perfect way for him to improve his cardio while making you happy.

dance lessons time (1).jpg“I Can’t Take Dance Lessons Because I Don’t Have the Time”

Everybody has time, but most people overestimate how long a hobby can take. Remind your man that taking dance lessons is a commitment that doesn’t steal too much of his time away. All he needs to give you is forty-five minutes every few days. It doesn’t take much longer than your average meal! Try comparing the duration of a lesson to some of the things he does in his day-to-day life. If he sees that dance classes aren’t that much of a sacrifice, he’ll be more inclined to give them that all-important first try. If you get him into the studio, you can leave the rest to us!

dance lessons cost (1).jpg“I can’t Take Dance Lessons Because I Don’t Have the Money”

Dance classes are more than just short visits to a studio. If your man thinks financials are a good excuse to dodge a dance lesson, educate him on what his investment will get him!

Dancing promotes wellness, forges bonds between couples, and teaches a lifelong skill. It teaches two people how to work as a team. No matter how long the two of you dance for, what you get out of your lessons will last a lifetime if you make a point of going out to use it. Imagine all of the events and opportunities that can open up to you as dancers. We have plenty right here in our studios! The most important thing he’ll want to know is that dancing will make you happy. Every good husband knows that keeping his partner fulfilled is the key to a happy home life.




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