How to Have the Perfect Wedding Dance


Your wedding dance can be one of three things: a lull in the wedding where everyone checks their cell phones, a complete disaster when you realize those moves you learned on YouTube were a lot harder than you thought, or a success.

What is a Successful Wedding Dance?

“Success” – it’s a small word for such a big feeling, but at Arthur Murray we make success possible.

Success is when you’ve been taught not just how to do an underarm turn and a dip, but when you know how to walk on to the dance floor, and exactly when to start and finish your routine. Success is holding your partner’s hand before the music starts and realizing that neither of you are shaking from fear.

Success is knowing that the perfect wedding dance you perform showcases strength and unity. You can’t put extra effort into choosing flowers, you can’t walk down the aisle any “better” than you might have without training. But the first dance? It’s something you can really use to prove to others and yourself what a capable husband-and-wife team you’ve created.

Success is knowing that the applause you hear when you bow to your family and friends is coming from total shock and awe, and not from good manners.

Success is knowing that you chose to make the biggest day of your life something to be proud of, not just because you made it through, but because you owned it.

Success is knowing you made it happen together.

How do you have the perfect wedding dance? You come to Arthur Murray and you ask for success. We’ll take it from there.








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