Private Dance Lessons: Cure The Empty Nest Blues

There are some moments in life that change us forever. We transform from children into young adults during adolescence, from individuals into couples when we marry, from someone’s offspring into someone’s parent when we have a child. These are all huge shifts in the course of our personal stories, and they all require huge shifts in how we live our day-to-day lives. Yet there is another large shift I think most married, child-rearing couples don’t consider: when the children leave home.


The empty nest is a strange environment for most parents. Whether you feel lonely or relieved, packing the kids off to live the rest of their lives apart from you creates a change in dynamic that needs to be addressed. What do you do with yourself now? Will you simply endure the empty air of your home, doing nothing during those times which had once been so consumed by your children? No, that’s the road to empty nest depression. You’ll have to fill that vacant time with something. Before we address how, let me pose a question.

How many of your married friends do you still call “couples?” The word evokes an image of two people in love, together against the world, a single unit made of two intertwined parts. When you see your friends with their children and their hectic schedules haphazardly juggling work and family what do you call them?

“Them? They’re…married.”

When did married folks with children stop being couples? How did you find yourself demoted to merely being “married?” Well okay, you reason, two married people become more than a couple once they have children. Obviously two parents and kid is more than “a couple.” But look at you now. Your children are away.

The empty nest blues derives not from childlessness. You were perfectly happy before the kids were in the picture. It comes from the realization that you and your spouse are a couple again, only you’ve forgotten how that works.

And that’s precisely when you need to come to our studio for private dance lessons.

The energy dancing creates between lovers is palpable and unstoppably romantic. You’ll look into each other’s eyes and hold each other’s bodies. You’ll lead and follow one another in beautiful motion. You’ll giggle, you’ll blush, you’ll sneak in a kiss when your instructor turns his back. You’ll sway to the songs of your youth, the ones that made you feel excited and virile and beautiful and coy. You’ll realize there’s no reason not to still feel all those things.

And if you have a good enough time at the studio, who knows what might happen after you leave it?







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