A Student’s First Time at Arthur Murray Ridgewood


We get wonderful testimonials from students all the time! We love real stories of people who came to Arthur Murray and found how dancing could change their lives. Today we have a story belonging to a student from Arthur Murray Ridgewood. His tale his inspiring and heartwarming. Check it out!

My name is Tom, and I dance at Arthur Murray Ridgewood.

When I first came to try dancing, it was to spice up my love life. I wanted to attract girls with something a bit more sophisticated than grinding in clubs. Nothing against people who do that, but I was looking to move up a bit in the social world from boozy hookups to something real. I had no idea what a perfect move trying Arthur Murray would be when it came to that!

My First Dance Lesson

My first lesson was fun. I could go into detail and talk about how easy my instructor made it to start dancing right away, or how good it felt when I began to put step after step together, but that’s only a small part of it. Even more than that was the studio itself. Not the building, which is actually really awesome too, but the people. The people are why I chose to stay at Arthur Murray Ridgewood. From the moment I walked in until this very day, the community of dancers have been an amazing social circle, support group, party crew, and everything inbetween. My instructor had barely learned my name and already she was introducing me to everybody in the room, staff and students alike. You can really tell they go out of their way to make everyone feel close. It made the scary process of trying something new so much less intimidating.

The first couple I met there had been dancing for years. They told me Arthur Murray had practically saved their marriage. I knew then it was going to be a good place to stick around.

And stick around I did! I worked hard at my dancing, and had a lot of fun! When I performed my first showcase in front of my new friends I almost felt like my heart was going to explode from excitement, but I did really well and the applause at the end was real. It was incredible. Now I’m an old hat at competitions and dance events, and I’m Arthur Murray to the core.


Well, maybe that might be because it’s where I met my wife. Remember how I said going to Arthur Murray Ridgewood was a good call for stepping up my relationship game? Yeah. It was. She started shortly after I did, and once we hit it off there was no stopping us. Now we take our lessons together and we couldn’t be happier. I owe the amazing people are Arthur Murray a lot, so when they asked me to write this I was glad to share my story.

You could take my word for it, but trust me it’s better to just come and try it for yourself. You never know what might happen!







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