Why Ballroom Dancers are Happy and Healthy (and how you can be too)

Health and happiness, they’re the big topics of our age. People nowadays want to be healthy to live long lives, increase their ability to perform in the workplace, and wake up each morning feeling fresh and ready for action. I’m here to tell you why dancing is absolutely the best physical and mental exercise to achieve an overall improvement in your health!


Dancing Keeps You Healthy

Dancing for weight loss is smart. What seems on the surface to be a purely physical exercise is in fact a powerful mental workout! Dancing is a study in pattern recognition, and the benefits of that mental training has uses for developing minds, adult minds, and even minds at risk of decline! Our students routinely tell us that they feel more sharp and on-task than they had in their pre-dancing lives. We love to hear that our passion translates into real-world results! In my other blogs on the topic, I address how to make the leap from couch potato to dancer, check it out to get started today! The health benefits dancing provides are worth it!

Dancing Keeps You Happy

Dancing helps to keep you happy too! Whether it’s as marriage insurance or just as a means of expression, dancing is an exercise like any other — it keeps your blood pumping, and those endorphins coursing through you to brighten your day. Our competitive students go so far as to say they experience a natural high after big events!  

So if you’ve never danced before, try it! New Jersey ballroom dancing studios are waiting for your call to help you get started! If you’re dancing now, keep it up! And think about how your dancing can help improve your health and happiness! If you go into each lesson with a positive attitude and a willingness to work and try new things, you’ll only multiply the benefits already built into to dancing itself!








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