Your Ultimate Salsa Lesson Playlist: From Your Instructors at Arthur Murray New Jersey

There’s nothing quite like music to put you in a specific mood. From turning up the heat at a party to setting up a romantic night for your sweetie, music can invigorate and excite, or calm and relax, and make you feel every mood in between.

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Getting ready to dance is no different. The right song can give you the gusto you need to kick up your feet and start to salsa. Whether you need ideas for your next party, or are practicing at home, make sure you add these salsa songs to to your playlist.

Songs for those salsa sessions

salsa lessons new jersey 1 (1).jpgThese songs are great when you want to practice your dance steps. The music isn’t overwhelmed with instruments so dancers can listen to the beat and focus on their steps without being distracted by the sounds.

Juliana by Cuco Valoy

The tempo of this song makes it a perfect choice for practicing salsa. The classic song is a favorite among salsa starters—and teachers—because of its slower, even tempo, allowing beginner dancers to hear and practice to the beat.

Llego El Amor by Gilberto Santa Rosa

With a more medium tempo, this song is good for practicing moves you are close to mastering. It doesn’t have a long intro, so dancers can start moving right away.

Caminando by La Excelencia

The repetition of this song allows dancers to listen to the music as they focus on their steps. The music is clear and consistent, allowing dancers to match their steps to the beat. As the chorus sings, “I keep walking, I continue without stopping,” dancers will be inspired to continue without stopping as well—continue dancing that is.

Songs for your next fiesta

salsa lessons new jersey (1).jpgIf you want guests to get up and move at your next party, make sure you add these to your fiesta playlist. Each of these songs has a more upbeat tempo that will inspire listeners to hit the dance floor while swaying their hips to the beat.

Cali Panchanguero by Grupo Niche

This catchy song will get you, and your guests, up and groove. The music video has a variety of dance styles and moves if you’re looking for inspiration to add to your moves.

Ella Lo Que Quiere Es Salsa by Victor Manuelle

Give the people what they want at your next party. And what they want is salsa. The title of this song translated is “What She Wants is Salsa” The fun beat and tempo of this song will get guests moving and allow you the chance to show off your salsa moves that you’ve been working so hard on!

Como Tiembla El Alma by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

The Grammy winning group, commonly known as El Gran Combo, has been around for 50+ years and knows a thing or two about Salsa music. The band has been called one of the most popular Salsa groups. Their music has to be featured at your next party for that reason alone.

Songs for lessons

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Have some favorites ready to recommend for your dance lesson. These and other salsa classics are perfect options for class.

Valio La Pena by Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony knows something about wooing the ladies. His album, featuring this song, was awarded Best Salsa Album at the 2005 Latin Grammy Awards, and for good reason. The clear salsa beat and sultry voice of Marc Anthony makes this a great song to have on during your lessons.

Yamulemau by Joe Arroyo

Considered one of the greatest performers of Caribbean music, Arroyo’s catchy song should definitely be included on any Salsa playlist. Its african sounds come from Laba Sosseh’s “Diamoule Mawo.”

No Le Pegue A La Negra by Grupo Niche

Head out to any latin dance club in the U.S. and you’ll likely hear this song come on. It’s a favorite among deejays for salsa music because of its medium-to-fast tempo. Turn it up during your next salsa dance lesson and feel the beat!







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