3 Reasons Why You Need Tango Dancing In Your Life

Tango is making a comeback in a big way. At Arthur Murray, we’re not very surprised.


Tango dancing has always been a staple of our education, and always will be. It marries so many fantastic features into one dance that our students can’t get enough of it. Like poetry or visual art, you could spend a whole lifetime exploring the depth and beauty of the Tango and every day you’d find something new and magnificent to love.

If you’re looking for the the next new adventure, look no further than Tango. Here’s why:

1) Tango Dancing Has History

Tango as a dance is hundreds of years old, and began in Argentina. Argentine Tango is still practiced to this day (we teach it!) though more modern Tango is popular at competitions worldwide. Both are characterized by grace and poise. Modern Tango connects from the waist down, while Argentine connects from the shoulders up. Both emphasize closeness of body and stalking, sexy movement.

There are less reliable (but more fun) origin stories about the Tango, namely that the dance found its initial popularity with the Gouchos (South American cowboys) who would dance it in circles around tables in bars. It was said that a dancer’s knees are always bent in tango because the Gouchos were bowlegged from riding horses all day!

2) Tango = Romance

Whatever its origins, Tango has transformed into a dance for lovers. Whether you have a special someone or you’re looking to meet him or her, the Tango is the dance for you. The sheer intimacy of the frame makes for an electrifying adventure during every step. Being so close allows a man to feel completely in-control, and allows a lady to feel her man’s power and lead with every movement.

And what dance can express the seductive chase of courtship like Tango? When you see two people gliding over the floor — the man pressed tightly against the lady as she slides backwards away from him, their heads looking in either direction until, in one swift movement, they dart to the side as one — you know you’re witnessing passion in motion. When you watch a couple who knows how to Tango, you have to unbutton your collar by the end of their performance .

It’s that good.

3) Tango Makes You Unique

I think it’s sort of a shame, but the truth of the matter remains: dancing is a rare art. Most of your friends and family can’t Tango! Use this to your advantage.

Every day I see people do crazy, silly things to appear unique, to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Don’t resort to lesser tactics to be your own person. Try Tango. Unlike some garish tattoo or a useless car sticker, learning to Tango says the sorts of things you want said about you without shoving itself in people’s faces. It’s a trump card, the sort of thing which, played at the right time, can leave people around your breathless.

Knowing how to Tango makes you instantly desirable. It tells people you’re dedicated, exotic, passionate, and sexy. It tells them you have secret talents, and that you know how to handle yourself around the opposite gender. It tells them you have the confidence to perform, and the ability to sweep people off their feet.

When you Tango, you enhance yourself without words. That’s the power of dance, and the power of Tango. You’ve got to try it.









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