How to Beat the Winter Blues

December, January, February, and March are not easy months to endure. They’re cold and unforgiving, and in the wrong year a New Jersian can expect an aching back from shoveling snow, cracked lips from freezing wind, wet socks, frozen fingers, and iced over car windows. It’s no wonder why some people get “seasonal depression” during this time of year. Winter, despite being alabaster white and beautiful, can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for those of us whose lives are already hard enough without all those Winter troubles.

beat_the_winter_bluesIt doesn’t have to be this way!

While we at Arthur Murray can’t stop the snow from falling, we can help you beat the winter blues by warming our students up with dance. The Winter months are the best time to try dance lessons since seasonal depression kicks in and there is not as much outdoor time to be had. Dance lessons get you moving, laughing, and make you forget about those crazy troubles out in the world for just a little while.

And if you’re thinking that a few dance lessons in a week might not be enough, take advantage of the lessons you are taking and learning and practice with your loved one under dim candle lights while the storms rage on outside.
Imagine taking that harsh weather and making the best of it. See yourself and your best friend dressing like eskimo and giggling like children as you try to complete a box step in three feet of wet snow, only to collapse in a fit of laughter, warm and happy inside of your layers. Or imagine running and laughing through the blizzards to get inside of the hotel ballroom so you can cut loose and share cocktails as you dance with friends old and new until late in the night.
No matter what the weather is like outside, dancing is what you make of it. But during the Winter months, dancing is the perfect way to beat the winter blues and help you escape from the icicles all around. So come to your local Arthur Murray Dance Studio, enjoy a dance lesson, and see what spice you can add to this season!







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