Dance for Confidence: How Dancing Can Help You Look Good & Feel Amazing


Having confidence is the best way to feel good. It’s not the easiest way by far, but it is the most enduring. Some people look at the path one has to travel to achieve self confidence and they cringe. It can be hard and requires you to really dig deep within yourself. What’s worse is that the world knows how hard it is, and it preys on those who can’t achieve it.

The manipulators of the business world know people want easy satisfaction, so they offer it in bite-sized portions. Look at all the commercials on television about “half-priced” foods swimming in savory sauces and fried to oblivion, or “powering your day” with overpriced coffees. You see sumptuous chocolate commercials rife with images of gooey, delicious treats and fast food advertisements with those eerily shiny plastic ice-cubes plunging into effervescent soda, with the bubbles nearly overflowing. The people who make these want you to think to yourself “I need these things to feel good”. Tasty foods and indulgent sweets make you feel good because they give you instant gratification. But what if you could find a better, healthier way to feel fulfilled that actually ends up making you look as good as you feel?

The truth is, the faster you achieve “gratification” the shorter it lasts. Instant gratification fades almost instantly. Dancing, on the other hand, is a pleasure that can last a lifetime; a healthier lifetime. I want to encourage you to dance for yourself, for your social life, for your health, and most important of all, I want you to dance for confidence.

Because there are so many things in this world that will leave you feeling less than confident.

Ask yourself: “how do I want people to see me?” When you go out looking to meet new friends, do you want to appear confident or self-conscious? Easy answer, right? Now think of what a dancer looks like. You’ve seen them on television. They look in-control. They look powerful. They carry themselves with poise. When they were learning, they may have looked anything but confident. Someone in their life told them the secret I’m telling you: dance for confidence, and you’ll grow right into it.

Unlike being a great mathematician or, dare I say, writer, you can tell a great dancer by sight. Dancing tones your muscles and makes you look and feel healthy. It teaches your body to carry itself well. When you look into the mirror and see a “you” that appears desirable, fun, and even sexy you’re going to be so happy you took my advice today and chose to dance for confidence.

And once you’re there, you’ll never again need unhealthy, unhelpful habits to make yourself feel gratified. You’ll have done the hard work it takes. It really will change your life.








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