Overcome Your Fear of Social Dancing

Fear of social dancingIf you had to answer “what keeps you from dancing socially?” what would you say? Is it fear of looking like a fool on the dance floor? Is it fear of meeting new people? Or specifically fear of having to talk to new people? Is it fear of hurting your back, knees, or some other injury? We understand that these fears can seem daunting and most people will cave to these fears and never try something new like social dancing. But what if you did it anyway? Overcoming fear is an important life skill that will teach you a lot about yourself and how to manage what life throws at you.

Overcoming Fear of Social Dancing

We know, it’s easier said than done. But how many times have you thought “I wish I had his/her confidence and skill on the dance floor.” That could be you out there! There’s nothing but yourself holding you back from reaching your potential and overcoming your unrealistic fears. All it takes is:

1. Practice

Your weekly lessons at Arthur Murray will help you build your confidence and improve your technique. All of our instructors used to be beginners too, so if they can do it, so can you. Practicing a variety of different styles with different types of music can help you be prepared for all different social dance scenarios. It also helps you learn how to avoid injury while dancing.

Fear of social dancing 12. Some Social Skills

Helping your partner feel more at ease will keep things stress free for them, as well as yourself. Remember this is not a competition, you won’t “fail” since there are no judges. When it’s time to get social with others, again, relax. Start with some ice-breaker questions or compliments and see where things go. If you’re really feeling the music, try not to steal the spotlight though.

3. Having Fun

A huge part of having a successful time social dancing is relaxing and having fun! 

That’s what everyone is here for anyway, whether it’s a wedding or a nightclub, F.U.N. is the name of the game. Having the ability to laugh at yourself is a life lesson that is so important. Give yourself a break, and just start dancing.

Just choosing never to go to any event that will involve social dancing is not a way to live! (oh hey FOMO) So instead of avoiding social activities where dancing might happen, get prepared and avoid avoidance! And with the holidays around the corner, there will be plenty of social dancing events ahead. Honestly, it helps to dance as often as you can so you can feel more confident. The more you do, the better you get.







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