How to Host a Dance Party in your Home

Throw a holiday dance party in July. Why not? The holidays and end of the year are a great time to host a dance party of your own, but any time is the perfect time for bit of dance fun. You don’t need a salsa club or big ballroom to dance with some friends. Host a dance party in your very own space—home. You certainly have what it takes and our simple guide will walk you through throwing the perfect party. We’ve got you covered every (dance) step of the way!

Ballroom dance party

Here’s how to host  a great ballroom dance party in your home:

Ballroom dance party 1

Step 1: Choose your space

Don’t fret if you don’t have a large apartment or home. You can still have the dance party at your place. You just need enough room for a few people to spin around. Consider using your largest space and rearranging some furniture to make an open spot for guests to move. You could also use a large patio, backyard, or garage as your ballroom.

Ballroom dance party 3

Step 2: The guest list

Now to decide who to invite to the festivities. You’ll definitely want your dance friends and those who like to socialize in attendance. You want people who are fun to hang out with and open for anything. Include at least a few guests who have a penchant for dancing. They can help set the stage for the event. Make sure you also have at least eight people who can come and a good mix of those who will lead and follow while dancing.

Ballroom dance party 4

Step 3: Prepare your music

Since this is a dance party, it’s critical that you have good music. Create your playlist with song choices that will match the dancing. We like romantic songs for Foxtrot, Spicy Latin music for Salsa, fun, sexy music for Tango, and rhythmic songs for Swing dancing. Have some classics as well as current music on your list. A variety of songs will ensure everyone hears something they love.

Ballroom dance party 2

Step 4: Set the mood

Choose decor that will match your party’s mood. A Salsa dance party lends itself well to bright colors and flamboyant decor, while a Foxtrot dance party can include lighting and more mellow accents. Go all out or keep it simple here. The most important part is that guests have fun!

Ballroom dance party 5

Step 5: Prepare snacks and drinks

Guests will work up an appetite and a thirst with all that dancing. Provide water and other refreshing beverages. You may also want a signature drink that will mesh with the theme of your party and give guests some liquid courage in order to hit the dance floor. Providing tasty finger foods will allow guests to stop for a quick bite before heading back to the dance floor, keeping the party going throughout the night.

Step 6: Party time

It’s time to dance! Now that you’ve done all the leg work, it’s time to enjoy the night. So kick back for a bit, take it all in, and then hit the dance floor with your friends and get down. You earned it!








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