How to Meet People Dancing


It’s not easy to meet people out in the big bad world, but if you’re dancing, you’re already improving your chances tenfold. Here are 3 tips on how to maximize your opportunities while you’re putting yourself out there:

Don’t Dance ‘Em Then Leave ‘Em

I can’t believe how many times I see this at a club or a single’s night — a guy and a gal get together and shake it, only for one or the other to beeline to the bar alone after their song ends. It’s craziness!

When you meet someone who can dance, it’s an instant connection. Whether you end up as friends or something way more, you have a golden opportunity with someone who knows how to dance as well as you do.

So ask some follow up questions and get to know this amazing person! If you flee right afterwards, all you’re showing is that you don’t have any social graces, which can negate the great effect your dancing can have on a potential partner!

Don’t Make Fun of Your Dancing

This is a big one for the guys. Guys, there is no greater turn off for a lady than when you apologize for or make fun of your dancing. Never apologize. Never seem sorry or embarrassed! Even the worst dancer on the floor is ten times more attractive than the loser hanging out on the sidelines.

Why? Because he’s got stones. Ladies know it, and they like it.

So even if you are the worst dancer on the floor remember this: no lady has ever decided to go home with the guy who keeps talking about how awful he is. Beginning dancers at our studio learn this lesson quickly: if you want to meet people dancing, you have to fake it until you make it. You start ‘making it’ way sooner than you might think. Confidence speaks loudly.

Don’t Think, Just Act

So there you are, and there is the person you want to dance with. They’re right there, dancing alone and waiting for you to join them. Sure, they don’t know that yet, but that’s only because you haven’t tried. You sit there considering your approach, or what silly line you’re going to try to yell over the blasting music. You inch a bit closer, check them out for another second to be sure you’ve chosen right and…all of a sudden they’re staring at you, and you realize you’re staring back. Awkward.

Don’t let yourself fall into the habit of thinking too much in a dancing scenario. If you want to meet people dancing you have to just go with your gut instinct and pick up partners without hesitation. If you don’t, you’ll turn into that weird person who stares at people. Potential dance partners will shy away from you, and you’ll go home empty handed.

Instead, find a person you like the look of and walk over to them right away. Say no more than “Can we dance together?” and then have at it. That’s it. If you do any more or less, you’re killing your chances of things going your way.


Hopefully some of these tips can help you step up your game next time you’re in a social dancing environment. If you need some extra practice, come try our dance parties at Arthur Murray. We’ve got fantastic dancers and qualified instructors who can help you break into the social scene like no one else!









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