Plan Your Dance Vacation For A New Way to See the World

Think dancing only happens in our Arthur Murray Dance Now studios? Think again! The whole point of our ballroom dance lessons is so you can take the dancing skills you learn in lessons, and apply them to everyday life!

Dance vacation

There are so many ways to do this including performing your dance skills at weddings, nightclubs, our dance showcases, and on your vacation!

You can go all out with dancing and schedule your next vacation around a popular dance event. Here are some of our favorite dance events at some of the most exotic and well traveled to places in the world!

Favorite Dance Vacation Events

Cuba Salsa Holiday—Cuba
Looking to perfect your Salsa dancing skills? Immerse yourself in the Salsa culture in Santiago de Cuba—the home of traditional Cuban movements. Your dance vacation includes a two-week stay, dance tuition and practice, and culture lessons and nights out to practice your new Salsa dance skills!

Northstar Dance-O-Rama—Chicago, Illinois
Arthur Murray’s Annual Northstar Dance-O-Rama is a great dance vacation to take to expand your Arthur Murray circle! Visit the Windy City to sightsee and taste the delicious foods that Chicago is famous for. Then you can enjoy the weekend event with camaraderie and dance performances at our Dance-O-Rama!

Samba with the Pros—Brazil
Experience the greatest party in the world at the Rio Carnival in Brazil. Samba schools prepare for the entire year and do not disappoint as they go head to head showcasing their skills. With bright colors and flamboyant costumes, this is a party of a lifetime! 

Hularama—Kona, Hawaii
Hawaii may be one of the ultimate vacation spots for couples, families, and even friend vacations. Take your sweetie or grab your gals for a fun getaway and then join other Arthur Murray dancers and instructors at our Hularama. It’s the perfect place to soak up the sun, relax, and dance!

Gotta Dance—Tucson, Arizona
Visit the Canyon Ranch Resort and unleash the dancer in you! Guests return year after year to learn from dance choreographers and then have the chance to practice movement and expression through dance. It’s like dance bootcamp, for adults!

Dance vacation 1

Bring Dance into your Vacation Plans

Maybe you already have an awesome vacation planned. There’s no reason you can’t bring dance to your vacation, no matter where you’re headed! Wondering how you can incorporate dance into your vacation? Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Cruise Ships
Headed aboard on a cruise ship? Most cruises have nightclubs where you can practice your dance skills with or without your partner. 

If you’re staying in a resort, check to see if they have a fitness schedule. They will often offer fitness classes where you can dance while you work out, which burns mega calories and is a lot of fun!

Hit Up A Local Club
Nightclubs aren’t isolated to cruise ships. Chances are, you can find a dance nightclub, wherever you are! Look on Yelp or Tripadvisor for reviews and to find one near your hotel. It’s a great way to meet locals too if you’re traveling!

Wherever you’re headed for your next vacation, make sure to bring a little dance with you and turn it into a dance vacation! It will be all the more memorable and a lot of fun!







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