How to Show Off Your New Dance Skills with Class

New dance skills 1Now that you have a fair amount of dance classes completed and you are feeling more confident in your newfound passion you may be wondering where you can put your new dance skills to work. Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve pulled together a bunch of ways for you to get moving in and around New Jersey.


Weddings are such an obvious and fun way to hit the dance floor without worrying too much about what others think of your moves because they’re there for the wedding couple (and a good time)! There’s nothing worse than a wedding where no one wants to dance! So be “that person” who gets the party started. Trust us, everyone will be so glad you broke the ice and helped the guests relax and let loose on the dance floor.

Dance Clubs / Night Clubs

New dance skillsNight clubs are notoriously a little more intimidating for a new dancer than your average wedding venue. But, you’re actually ahead of the game when it comes to dancing at a club because you have some dance experience under your belt. Most club goers will be merely swaying and bumping to the beat of the music, but with your dance training you will surely catch many appreciative (and probably some envious) glances from others. 

Local Events

Out of all the places to dance, this is probably the most intimidating. But don’t let dance showcases scare you off completely. Many new dancers join these events to really help them push their limits and test themselves to see how far they’ve actually come. Even if you don’t place at these events, you will have the privilege to see some of the best dancers in town. Other events are a little less competition-based and more for fun socializing like our girls night out where you can sip and sashay the night away.

At Home

Now when you just can’t work up the courage to dance at a club or dance event/showcase and you don’t have any weddings approaching, you can still practice your new dance skills by hosting an at home dance party. What could be better than being your own DJ, host, and lead dancer as well as hang out with your favorite people? You will be literally, the life of the party and this is a great, and safe, way to show off without even leaving your home.

You can practice your new dance skills with ease now that you know where you can go. With a little bit of courage, confidence, and a whole lot of fun, you can show off with class.







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