So, You Think You Can Ballroom Dance? Try These New Jersey Nightclubs

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Dancing is one of those special spices in life. It can make you laugh, it can give you confidence, and it can help you meet fascinating new people—it’s arguably the best social activity there is! And once you learn a few solid moves with Arthur Murray New Jersey, it’s certainly not uncommon for you to start searching for more opportunities to show off those moves. After all, you’ve earned ‘em!

So, the question arises: What are some ballroom dancing nightclubs in New Jersey and the surrounding areas?

Ballroom Dancing Nightclubs

We’ve done a little research to help you out. Whether you’re looking for some salsa dancing nights or some swing dancing action, we’ve found ballroom dancing nightclubs that give you the floor and allow you to impress with your steps.

Ready to take your ballroom dancing out in the real world?

Ballroom Dancing Nightclubs in New Jersey

  • Sabor Latin Bistro: Not only can you impress people with your Latin steps at this eclectic and energetic lounge, but you can also order tapas until 1 a.m.
  • Let’s Swing NJ: Various social swing dancing events—there are usually one to two per month.
  • Perle Nightclub: Hosts “Latin Twist Thursdays” for salsa and bachata.
  • Copacabana: Ramp up your rumba on at this nightclub—Saturdays are the night to do it.
  • Mojito Lounge: Serving up Cuban cuisine and music, Mojito Lounge sets the scene for Latin dancing.
  • El Tango Argentina Grill: Stop in on Thursdays for dinner and live tango music.
  • Son Cubano: Get the glamorous ‘50s Cuban feel here—there’s live music Fridays and Saturdays.
  • 46 Lounge: The leading Saturday night Latin party lives here, and there’s an outdoor patio to boot.
  • The Dome at the Manor: If “speakeasy swagger” and ultra-elegance are your cup of tea, you’ll love this swanky spot’s vibe with the dancefloor underneath a giant glass dome.
  • COCOBONGO: This popular joint has DJs spinning tunes perfect for you to show off your salsa and rumba skills.
  • Central Jersey Dance: Come show your salsa, swing, waltz, foxtrot, tango, cha cha, rumba, or samba skills at their free outdoor dance nights.
  • Fernandes’ Night Club: Dance the night away in this Newark club, showing the other patrons just how smooth steps really are.

Ballroom Dancing Nightclubs in New York City

  • Yehoodi’s Frim Fram Jam: They’ve been hosting social swing dancing on Thursday nights for 15 years—show off your Lindy Hop for just $10 admission.
  • Gonzalez y Gonzalez: Brings South Beach heat to NYC. Salsa beginners and experts alike are invited to indulge in this “intimate dance experience.”
  • Fat Cat: Get your swing on in this funky basement doubling as a hotspot jazz club.
  • Club Cache: Hosts bachata nights on Fridays and salsa nights on Saturdays.
  • Swing 46: This 20-year-old jazz and supper club has the ideal swing dancing atmosphere with performers every single night.
  • Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola: Perfect if you want the full swing experience, Dizzy’s cooks up fine Cajun food accompanied by occasional swing nights that transform the club into an old-school dancehall.

Now that you’ve got enough plenty of places to put on your social dancing bucket list, it’s time to make sure you can get your feet ready for their big moment. Come on in for a free lesson before you hit the clubs!








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