5 Creative Gift Ideas for your Spouse in New Jersey

Giving gifts to loved ones always brings both the gift giver and receiver such joy and fun. But what about switching up your gifting this year and giving your special someone the gift of an activity that you can do together?

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Gifting an experience is two-fold. The recipient will love opening up the present and being surprised at your thoughtfulness and then when the day comes where you get to do the activity, you create priceless memories together that will live on forever. Doing fun activities together strengthens your bond and makes your relationship that much better.

Here are some fun, creative gift ideas in New Jersey that you can give to your special someone this year!

Dance Lessons at Arthur Murray

creative gift ideas dance lessonsTaking dance lessons together is an activity that will build your physical and emotional connection. Almost any woman would feel romanced at receiving dance lessons from her beau. Dance lessons will give you a chance to have fun, get physical and connect with one another in a way like you never have before. Whether you are newlyweds or a couple who has been married for 30 years, dancing is the perfect gift for your loved one.


Wine Tasting

creative gift ideas wine tasting.jpgTake a day exploring New Jersey’s wineries, home to several award-winning wines. Statewide there are 45 wineries on the Garden State Wine Growers Association Trail. Look at the map to plan out your route and make a day or weekend out of it. Sipping on Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon while catching up with your sweetie is a perfect date idea. You can even purchase a bottle or two and keep the date going back at home.


Couples’ Massage

creative gift ideas couples massage.jpgThere’s nothing quite as relaxing and sensual as a getting a couples’ massage together.  This personal gift is romantic and therapeutic and has lasting benefits. Massage can reduce stress and ease muscle tension as the two of you share in blissful relaxation in a secluded environment. Your significant other will thank you greatly after feeling the benefits that a massage can bring.


Ride on a Horse Drawn Carriage

creative gift ideas horse-drawn carriage.jpgCreate your own fairy tale as the two of you take a ride on a horse drawn carriage. Some carriage ride companies will even customize a ride for you if you want to make the occasion extra special by including a proposal or celebrate an anniversary.


Ice Skating

creative gift ideas ice skating.jpgBundle up and hit the ice hand-in-hand on a romantic ice skating date. New Jersey has several ice rinks, both indoor and outdoor that are perfect to enjoy this time of year. You’ll be whisked back to adolescence as you and your sweetie hold hands skating around the rink. Afterward, warm up with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and talk about how much fun you’re having together.


Building experiences with one another helps keep your relationship strong and creates new memories for the two of you to enjoy. So instead of buying her another necklace or another pair of shoes she’s going to return, think outside the box and give the gift of a fun date together. Putting the legwork in and buying an actual certificate will show her you’re serious about creating new memories together.







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