Which Dance Style Burns the Most Calories


Dancing is a fantastic physical and mental sport. It gets your body moving, increases your heart rate, is a mental workout and is a lot of fun! In fact, taking dance lessons might even be better for you than a gym membership!

Here’s how you can burn calories with dance. Having fun on the dance floor can switch up your workout routine and have you burning a ton of calories. Different dances will work different parts of your body, but all will get you moving and give you a healthy dose of endorphins that comes with exercise.

Here’s a breakdown of different dance styles and the number of calories each burns.

The actual number of calories burned will vary depending on body weight and mass as well as how high impact the style of dancing is.

Moving your hips and waist will trim your middle and have you
burning a ton of calories, about 400 per hour. Salsa dancing incorporates quick feet, spins, and many turns, so you work your core and glutes while connecting with your partner.

Swing dancing requires maneuvering, fast feet and often hurling around your own—and maybe even your partner’s—body weight. Swing dancing gives you a moderate to intense cardio workout and can have you burning between 300 and 550 calories per hour.

This dance is fast, upbeat, and full of moves that will have your body burning up to 500 calories an hour. Hip, glute, arm and feet movements involved in this dance will chisel away at every inch of your body.

Cha Cha
Cha Cha dancing has you moving every part of your body: legs, waist, hips, even arms! It includes several steps, lateral movements and elongated arm movements that will have your body working in overdrive and can have you burning 400 calories per hour.

This energetic dance is nonstop and a great aerobic workout. Long kicks, partner lifts, jumps and knee bends will have you out of breath at the end of routine. It will be worth it! This high-energy dance is a lot of fun and will have you burning between 300 and 400 calories per hour.

So, why not pick up dancing as your next healthy hobby? All of the dances taught at Arthur Murray will help whittle your waistline and be incredibly fun! Call Arthur Murray today to schedule your first free dance lesson and try a whole new workout routine. You will burning calories with dance in no time!







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