Our Favorite Ballroom Dance Competitions in 2019

It’s almost time to close out another year and begin a new one. 2019 brought us so many great dance students, dance moves, and dance events.

Ballroom Dance Competitions

Our Arthur Murray Dance events are like nothing you’ve ever seen. The colorful and sparkly costumes, the energy on the dance floor and in the room, and the camaraderie amongst all the dancers make these events incredibly memorable and spectacular.

Let’s relive the year in dance. 2019 was one for the books—and for the dance floor! Take a look at some of our favorite ballroom dance competitions from the past year at Arthur Murray.

Flamingorama Dance-O-Rama

We flamingled all around the dance floor in September in Miami, Florida. It was a weekend full of amazing dance costumes, sparkles, and outstanding performances from Arthur Murray students all over the U.S!

Prosecco and Pumps

We held a ladies’ night out dance party at our Arthur Murray Studio and it was a blast! Ladies sipped champagne as they enjoyed a fun beginner dance class from an Arthur Murray instructor. Afterward, they got to watch ballroom dance demonstrations and hang with their girls.


The Arthur Murray Superama 2019 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada and is always an anticipated event. This year’s theme was the Evolution of Disco, which brought out throwback costumes, stylish moves, and disco fever!

Arthur Murray Showcases

While we don’t get to travel to exotic places for our Arthur Murray showcases, they are still some of our favorite ballroom dance competitions! We love seeing our dance students prepare a routine and showcase it in front of their dancing peers. It is so much fun to see our students flourish on the dance floor!

Holiday Ball

Our Holiday Ball in National Harbor, Maryland was a great way to spread holiday cheer on the dance floor. We always enjoy the festive decor and dance moves as we wrap up our year with this ballroom dance competition.

World Dance-O-Rama

Held in beautiful San Diego, the Arthur Murray World Dance-O-Rama attracts dancers from all over the U.S, Peru, Japan, Italy, and Canada. Ballroom dancers compete in dancing the Rumba, Cha Cha, and more!

Arthur Murray Dance Now already has events in the works for 2020! We’d love to have you join us, either as a participant or a spectator. See how you can prepare for the competition and get involved in our 2020 ballroom dance competitions. You’ll make new friends, grow in ways you never realized, and have a lot of fun, on and off the dance floor.

You never know where dancing will take you!







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