Find Your Confidence at Arthur Murray Dance Studio Chatham

Greater self-confidence can change your life. Defined as your belief in yourself and your ability to succeed, experts say self-confidence is a “use it or lose it” attribute. Your confidence affects how you approach new situations and challenges in everyday life. How do you build up and maintain this valuable asset?

As our students attest, ballroom dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio Chatham are a great method for gaining greater confidence. 


How Ballroom Dance Lessons Boost Social Skills

You want to be confident in social situations. Having confidence relating to others can help you set better boundaries, feel more comfortable around strangers, and learn how to work together effectively. These skills translate to better work experiences and personal relationships.

Ballroom dance requires partnership, so you get to practice all of these skills in a friendly, structured environment. You get to meet new people, learn about cooperation and communication, and have fun in the process. 

Sharpen Your Mind By Learning New Moves

When you regularly learn something new and practice it until you near perfection, your mind is sharpened. Dance Psychology Lab leader Peter Lovatt has proven that dancing changes the way you think. You know what it takes to problem solve and overcome. More importantly, you know you can do whatever you set your mind to!


Connect Your Body With Your Brain

Part of being confident is feeling comfortable in your own skin. Dancing helps connect your body and your brain, so you know yourself well and learn to love what your body is capable of. Moves that felt impossible at first become easier as you:

  • Hone your muscle control and motor skills
  • Overcome the mental blocks of trying something new
  • Experience a great way to de-stress and find your focus 

For many dancers, learning to push past what’s uncomfortable gives a sense of freedom. This increases self-esteem, especially since you’re improving in front of other people. You learn to love your body and reach for your potential no matter who is watching, overcoming your fear of social dancing. 

Gain Confidence As You Get Results

One of the top ways ballroom lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio Chatham builds your confidence is by giving you results. Even just a free Salsa class will teach you more than you’d expect, and when it’s over you know you accomplished something. That sense of achievement stays with you!

Come gain confidence with a complimentary lesson at Arthur Murray Dance Studio Chatham and experience this sense of accomplishment for yourself.







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