Gifting an Experience: Why your best holiday gift Ideas don’t need to be material

gift ideas (1).jpgThe gifting season upon us, and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably freaking out a little bit when thinking about what to buy your spouse or family. Especially when they’ve already got everything they could want. Instead of panic-purchasing a random sweater or an item you’re not sure about, ditch the material things this year and give gifts that will leave a great lasting impression. We’re talking about experiential gifts.

Why give an experience instead of a material thing? There are plenty of reasons, but we’ll leave you with a few of our top ones.

  • When you give an experience, you’re guaranteeing time together. And in a world burdened by hustle and bustle, it can seem like you never really get enough alone time with your loved one. Change that this year.
  • You’re never too old to learn something new, and gaining a new skill or appreciation for an art or hobby will not only be fun in the process, but it will be soul-enriching for years to come.
  • Memories stick with you much longer than things do. Create memories together that will last. You won’t regret it.
  • Put simply: Don’t we have enough STUFF already?!

Here Are Some Holiday Gift Ideas for Experiences Instead of Things:

gift ideas wine making class (1).jpgWine Time

If you and your love enjoy tasting wines and pretending to be sommeliers, why not take your grape-fueled hobby to the next level? Gift a winemaking class right here in New Jersey, during which you get to be involved in every inch of the winemaking process—choosing grapes, crushing and pressing them, and personally labeling your own special bottle of wine to take home. We love this romantic gift idea if you’re looking to spice things up this season.

gift ideas sailing school (1).jpgSail Away

A perfect present if you want to get the whole family involved, sailing lessons will open your horizons while teaching a new (and insanely fun) skill. Head to the coast and take part in sailing school, and see who in the family is a natural in all things nautical. Exhilaration guaranteed!

gift ideas dinner and show (1).jpgDinner & A Show

A classic date night idea and a genius holiday gift idea, dinner and a show is a wonderful thought if you’ve got a Broadway buff on your hands. Get tickets to a must-see Broadway show, then sweeten the present with a little itinerary attached, complete with reservations at romantic restaurant in the city. Your loved one will fawn over your ability to read his or her mind.

gift ideas dance (1).jpgDance Partner

Take your favorite dance partner to one of Arthur Murray’s many New Jersey studios for a lesson in smooth moves. Not only is dancing a great way to reignite some long-lost passion, but it’s a ton of fun, too! Choose a sexy dance style to heat things up (salsa or tango, anyone?), and give a gift certificate for lessons. You’ll also get more bang for your buck, because your first lesson is free.

gift ideas glamping (1).jpgGo Glamping

For the adventurous type or those who need some time away from the city, a peaceful retreat up in the Poconos at Mountain Spring Lake could be a magical destination. Instead of just pitching a measly tent with bare-bones camping gear, though, make the trip more memorable by “glamping” (glam+camping) in a lakeside cabin. There’s nothing like snuggling up with your sweetie during the most romantic time of year, and getting to sleep in would be a fabulous perk if you don’t bring the kids.

gift ideas flying lessons (1).jpgLearn to Fly

What’s cooler than soaring above your own home in a plane you’re piloting? Aviation is still one of mankind’s most interesting inventions, and if you’ve got a Top Gun fan on your hands, giving the gift of flight would be an absolute win. This introductory flight lesson is the perfect way to show your pilot-in-training how much you care.

gift ideas horseback riding (1).jpgHere, Horsey

Lastly, to get the whole family involved in a learning activity ripe with adventure, horseback riding is always a good gift idea. Take your kin on a trail ride winding through 500 acres of beautiful land to experience your region in a whole new way. Be sure to snap some saddled up photos to make the memories last forever!

Gifting your spouse or family a memorable holiday gift is as simple as snagging your free AMNJ dance lessons right now. Just click here to get started. Happy holidays from our family to yours!







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